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With a voice that’s hard to forget coupled with his charming looks and physique, Enrique Iglesias is one artist that has people hooked to his music on repeat! Having started his career in the ‘90s, this Spanish-American singer has defied all odds and made it big in the industry. Now that the Enrique Iglesias tour co-headlined by Ricky Martin is all set for 2021, fans are feeling desperate to be part of a wonderful show during his tour. Not only that but the Enrique Iglesias Meet and Greet is also having fans jump with joy at the prospect of meeting and interacting with him! 

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This 46-year-old artist released his self-titled debut album in 1995. It produced the hit singles Experiencia Religiosa and Si Tú Te Va. In the first week itself, the album sold half a million copies! The other singles from the album- No Llores Por Mí, Por Amarte, and Trapecista- went on to top the charts of the Latin Billboard. To date, it holds the record for having produced the maximum number-one singles of the Latin Billboard! The album also helped Enrique Iglesias win the Grammy Award under the category Best Latin Pop Performance. 

During the Enrique Iglesias tour, this Latin pop artist is expected to make stops in cities like Dallas, Orlando, San Antonio, Miami, Glendale, El Paso, and Los Angeles. If you head to our website, you can check out the cities where the Enrique Iglesias Meet and Greet will be taking place. According to your convenience, you can go ahead and get passes for the meet and greet. Since the session is limited to a few cities and people, you might want to hurry up and check them out before you run out of time. 

In 1997, Enrique Iglesias released his second studio album, Vivir. It produced the hits Miente, Sólo en Ti, and Enamorado Por Primera Ve that went on to top the Latin charts as well as other Spanish-majority countries. For this album, he earned a nomination for the category Favorite Latin Artist during the American Music Award, which was the first-ever award under this category. The same year, he embarked on a tour with artists Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and Elton John. Having performed in 16 countries, almost all of the shows were sold-out shows!  

Cosas del Amor, the third studio album, was released in 1998. This album also contained hit singles like Nunca Te Olvidaréand Esperanzathat went on to top the Latin charts. By this time, he has already established a prominent name in the Latin music scene. For the album, we won the American Music Award for Favorite Latin Artist, defeating Chayanne and Ricky Martin!

When you attend an Enrique Iglesias concert, you can find yourself singing along with him and fellow fans. The Enrique Iglesias Meet and Greet will be an added bonus! In 1999, Enrique Iglesias contributed the song Bailamos as a soundtrack for Will Smith’s film Wild Wild West. Immediately, it became a super hit in the US, and he went on to sign a deal with Interscope, the American record label. Within two months, he went on to released Enrique, his first English CD, that produced the hit songs Be With You, Could I Have This Kiss Forever, and Rhythm Divine

With the Enrique Iglesias Meet and Greet all set to happen during this tour, you can bet that this will be one of the best experiences of your life. From having a conversation with him to clicking pictures and selfies as well as getting signed autographs, what more could you probably ask for? Since the meet and greet doesn’t happen often, you need to ensure that you do whatever it takes just to be a part of it! The hard work will be paid off when you find yourself sitting close to this world-famous artist during the Enrique Iglesias Meet and Greet! You will want to get to your computer when the Enrique Iglesias presale is announced to get tickets right away.

Enrique Iglesias released Escape, his second English album, in 2001. It went on to sell over 10 million copies and produced the hit songs, HeroDon’t Turn Off The Lights, and Escape. His supporting tour, the One-Night Stand World Tour, was a major success as he performed 50 sold-out shows in as many as 16 countries! In 2002, he released a Spanish album, Quizás, that bagged him the Best Pop Vocal Album Award during the Latin Grammy Awards. The same year, he embarked on the Don’t Turn Off The Lights Tour, performing two sold-out shows in the world-famous arena Madison Square Garden. 

It was in 2003 that Enrique Iglesias embarked on one of his most successful world tours. This is evident by the fact that he performed sold-out shows in Egypt, India, Singapore, and Australia! After a few years’ break, Enrique Iglesias released his fourth English album, Insomniac, in 2007. This album contained the hit songs Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)and Somebody’s Me. The same year, Enrique Iglesias went on to become the first Western musician to perform a sold-out show in Syria after three whole decades!

In 2010, Enrique Iglesias released his first bilingual album, Euphoria. This album helped him bag the Billboard Music Award under the category Top Latin Album and two Billboard Latin Awards under the categories Latin Pop Album of the Year and Latin Album of the Year. It also helped him win a nomination for the Latin Grammy Award under the category Album of the Year. Some of the hit English songs in this album were Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You), and I Like It. In 2014, Enrique Iglesias released his last album, Sex and Love. 

Some of the successful headlining tours that Enrique Iglesias has been on are the One Night Stand Tour, 2000 Tour, Greatest Hits Tour, and Seven World Tour. He has also been on co-headlining tours with Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. When it comes to the prestigious awards he has won, he has a total of 190 wins and 527 nominations! Be sure to get Enrique Iglesias tickets when they go on sale.

Enrique Iglesias is certainly one of the best-selling Latin artists of all time. With his gaining popularity and fans, there is no denying that people would love to be part of the Enrique Iglesias Meet and Greet during this tour. This is the opportunity that you have been waiting for, probably for half of your life! So, make sure to make every minute count and head to our website for more information on the Enrique Iglesias Meet and Greet. Being part of the meet and greet will certainly be a moment that you will cherish throughout your life!

Enrique Iglesias Meet And Greet Tickets

If you want the best ever concert experience, you might want to check out the meet and greet tickets. That’s right. Not only can you watch your favorite Spanish artist perform live on stage, but you can have an interactive session too. With the Enrique Iglesias Meet and Greet tickets, you can click pictures with him as well as win some cool merchandise. Owing to the fact that he is very popular, fans all over will be vying for these tickets. Therefore, make sure to get yours before it’s too late. You can go to our website and browse for the tickets without any delay!

Enrique Iglesias VIP Tickets

Admit it: watching Enrique Iglesias performing live on stage has got to be one of your dreams come true! You can now level up your concert experience by checking out the Enrique Iglesias VIP tickets. By getting hold of the VIP tickets, you will fall nothing short of a luxurious treat. With premium seats available with Enrique Iglesias VIP tickets, you can have the best time of your life with your family or friends. What’s more, you can watch this dazzling man light the stage on fire as you watch him up close from the best seat in the whole arena! 

How To Meet Enrique Iglesias

Want to know how to meet Enrique Iglesias? All you need to do is go to our website and check out the tour dates and schedule. You will find that the tour stops in cities like Toronto, Boston, Rosemont, Montreal, New York, and Newark, among many others. If you live anywhere around the city where he is set to perform, you need not think twice. Just go ahead and book your tickets for the concert from our website. This way, you will be able to be part of a memorable experience that you will remember your whole life!

Enrique Iglesias Meet And Greet Price

Being part of the Enrique Iglesias Meet and Greet will certainly be one of the best moments ever. If you would like to know the Enrique Iglesias Meet and Greet price, it is essential to note that it starts from $1,000 and goes up to $4,700. The reason why it’s a little on the higher side is that these tickets are limited to select cities and can accommodate only a select few. So, if you want to be one among the lucky ones, you need to make sure that you grab hold of the ticket before the others beat you to it. 

Enrique Iglesias VIP Package

When you finally decide to check out the tickets for the upcoming Enrique Iglesias tour, make sure to check out the Enrique Iglesias VIP package as well. Just as the name of the package suggests, you can expect various special amenities when you go for the Enrique Iglesias VIP package. Some of the perks may include VIP parking, backstage pass, VIP box seats, and more. If you are looking forward to an evening of comfort and luxury with your loved ones, the VIP package is certainly a must-have for you. Head to our website today and check out the various packages in store with us. 

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