Free Gaming Apps that Even Non-Gamers Will Try Out

Phones, computers, and tablets offer all sorts of entertainment. From video streaming to music downloading, technology is the ultimate helping hand for everything we need.

Another impressive feature that may be less popular on mobile devices is access to games. Apps are easy to download from the device’s store; they can help you pass time to keep boredom at bay.

We all have that one friend who claims not to like playing games on a cell phone.  It might be that you are that friend. When everyone else is engrossed with Candy Crush or battling with their clan, you choose to sit out of the fun.

There are many free games and apps you or your non-gamer friends would enjoy trying, mainly because they come without a cost to download. Any of these free games are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a bit of fun.

  1. Casino Games

If you don’t typically enjoy mobile gaming but love to spend time in the casino, a casino app could be something you’d consider downloading.

Casino apps and games online are growing in popularity since they are so easy to access. You can play Vegas-style slots, online poker or blackjack, and easily bet on your favorite sports teams from your phone or laptop.

While it is great that there are so many games and casinos to from which to choose, it can be a challenge to pick one and stick to it. If you need help deciding, OnlineCasinoGems could give you the best information. It is regularly updated with the best and latest casinos and online games along with the best bonuses offered. The site includes gambling news and essential tips to improve gameplay.

Most casino apps and games are free to download. They also usually offer free-play to give you a taste of gambling games without risking anything.

Spending some time gambling online could even help you win some real cash! You can place real bets and earn real winnings.

Non-gamers would love to try out gambling from home or on their phones because of how fun it is.

  1. Sports Apps

Sports lovers who claim to not like mobile gaming will quickly change their minds when they see how much fun Flip Dunk is.

Flip Dunk is a top-rated app where players can make their character do awesome trick shots with their basketball for more points. There are different locations and fun obstacles to jump over to get the ball into the basket.

The goal is to defeat as many levels as possible to beat your high scores. Every level has a different challenge to overcome before you can progress.

Even if you don’t typically play mobile games or apps, you might find yourself unable to close this one.

  1. Trivia Games

If you like to test your knowledge and play games against your friends, a trivia challenge on Trivia Crack is a great way to play on the go.

There is no need for big board games or to carry cards around when you are visiting friends and want to play competitive games. Random facts are at your fingertips in the form of an app. 

Spin the wheel and you will be presented with a question within a random category, like sports, science or entertainment. Go head-to-head with your friends or a randomly matched player to find out who is the ultimate trivia champ.

People who don’t like to play games enjoy the educational value that Trivia Crack offers as well as how much fun it is!

  1. Puzzles

With print newspapers becoming less popular, it is more challenging to find crossword and sudoku puzzles  to play. Or so you might think!

There are so many apps available on your mobile device that provide you with various puzzles that are fun and challenging to solve.  Classic style puzzles and sudoku can easily be downloaded and played from anywhere.

Words with Friends is a puzzle game set up just like the popular Scrabble board game. You can play the games with the contacts in your phone or choose from among your Facebook friends to create fun words and score the most points.

Solving puzzles daily is a great way to improve the mind and keep it busy!

Non-gamers will especially love puzzle games because they offer easy ways to cure boredom or fill free time.

  1. Brain Development & Education Apps

Who said learning and improving yourself can’t be fun? While some apps exist solely as forms of learning, others involve fun games that will enhance different aspects of yourself.

To improve your logic, memory, math, and language skills all in one app, Lumosity is worth a download. The basic version of this brain training app id free, but it can be upgraded to unlock more features.

Playing daily is proven to increase the way your brain functions. You can track your stats and see how you improve over time!

Depending on your skill and level, Lumosity provides you with three individual games (or five in the upgraded version) that change each day. They are fun and test your ability to reason and work through distractions, among other brain tests.

Games might not be for everyone, but brain training games are beneficial to every user.

  1. Action Games

If you are drawn to the excitement and want to be involved in a new type of action, you can play an action game on your device.

The thrill of what you see in the movies can quickly be brought home with the download of a simple action style app.

A game like Fortnite will drop you right into the warzone, battling other players to be the last one standing. Search around the vast map for weapons, avoid storms, and clear a path to stay alive the longest.

The visuals make it feel like you are in a movie, but you are part of all the action. While it doesn’t offer much value other than entertainment and fun, it could be worth your time to brag about being the Fortnite master.

Your distaste for a few mobile games shouldn’t prevent you from trying all the others that are available. Try something new and download a free app to see what type of game you might become crazy about!

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