Jimmy Carter’s Daughter – Amy Carter’s Biography

Amy Carter, the daughter of the former US president, Jimmy Carter has been searched by a lot of people online. She was a known personality in her youthful days and she made a lot of news for running a non-apartheid movement in the US. As she was the center of attraction for media, Amy generated a lot of praise for her attitude, thinking and work. In addition to this, Amy Carter also made news for being involved in many controversies.

In today’s time, a lot of people want to know about her and her whereabouts. A recent report by¬†beingsofuniverse.com¬†which talks about her current and past life has reignited people’s interest in her and her father Jimmy Carter as well. In this post, we have mentioned all the important things that one needs to know about Amy Carter and what she is doing at present. Before we jump deep into her life, we must present some basic information about her life in a comprehensive manner.

About Amy Carter

Amy Carter, the daughter of former US president Jimmy Carter, was born on 19 October 1967, in Georgia, USA. For education, she went to Washington and completed her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Memphis College, and Tulane University, situated in New Orleans. Although his father, Jimmy Carter was serving the US as the president, Amy didn’t show any interest in politics. Instead, she took part in social activism and worked for the people facing the racism problem.

Early Education

Amy Carter was just three years old when her father became the governor of a US State and she started receiving a lot of attention from people and media because of her celebrity status. She started her school education at Stevens Elementary school in Washington, DC but she had to hide from media persons and few bodyguards always remained outside her school to protect her.

This made it difficult for her to make friends and live a private life. She took admission to Rose Hardy Middle School and stayed with her grandmother. Because of her deep interest in Arts, she joined Brown University and later entered a bachelor’s as well as a master’s degree at Memphis College and Tulane University.

Simple Lifestyle

Unlike the daughters of other presidents of the US, Amy Carter didn’t enter the lavish lifestyle. Instead, she pursued a simple lifestyle and lived her childhood and youth period without involving in any complicacy. While her stay at the White House, Amy used to practice skating and even organized slumber parties with her friends. After the end of her father’s presidential tenure, Amy shifted to Atalanta to further her education at Woodward Academy.

Personal and Married Life

As Amy Carter believed in living a simple life, she chose James Gregory Wentzel, a computer consultant at Tulane University as her life partner and got married in the September month of 1996. She gave birth to a son named Hugo in 1999 and she kept her children away from media. Currently, she runs as a board member of the Carter Centre to provide help to people in advocating diplomacy as well as human rights.

Net Worth

As per the information gathered from various sources, Amy Carter’s net worth stood at $7 million in 2019. In addition to this, she also gets income from her father’s succession. For she believes in living a simple life, she stays away from social life and doesn’t prefer to involve in any controversy.

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