Should Developers Focus on Making Diablo 2 Game Remake?

Do you think developers should focus on Diablo 2 remake? Different people will give different answers to this question and it is quite obvious. There are certain things that don’t need any improvement while there are other things that may need modification in the remake of this masterpiece from Blizzard Entertainment.

In this post, we have mentioned the two viewpoints and we have categorized the things into two parts. In the first part, we have mentioned the things that can be modified and in the other, we have enlisted all those things that don’t require any modification. Here is the list:

Things that May Need a Remake

The following are the things that may need a remake because it can help to improve the structure of Diablo 2 to some extent. Moreover, it could make the Diablo 2 game all the more enjoyable.

  • Improved Graphics – With the help of a remake, it is possible to improve graphics and increase the resolution of the game. Moreover, it will become possible to add texture settings to make the game visually appealing.
  • Need for a Definitive Edition – A remake for Diablo 2 will give it a definitive edition. The game may get a skill system like Diablo III and it will become possible to select active skills at any point in a game.
  • Chat Function – A remake will give an improvement in the chat function of Diablo 2. With the improvement of a chat system, it will become possible to play leagues in a better way.

Things that Don’t Need a Remake

  • High Amount of Legendaries in Game – Diablo 2 has got the right amount of legendaries and hence it doesn’t require any remake. Due to the low drop rate, Diablo 2 has a rare and special legendary loot. Because of the training in the game, it makes it possible for players to interact with one each in an easy manner. Players love to collect important items in this game and one can also buy them online as there is an availability of Diablo 2 items for sale on many online sources.
  • Has Got Timeless Gameplay – Diablo 2 has got timeless gameplay and the game gives a fresh experience to every player. It makes it possible for everyone to explore the world to the fullest.
  • MasterPiece with Full Fun – The game is a masterpiece with a high level of entertainment for every player. It is one of the popular games ever created by developers. Hence, if they go for its remake, it would be difficult to meet the expectations of players.

So, these are our personal viewpoints on this subject. Diablo 2 is a masterpiece game and it doesn’t need much change in it. The above-suggested modification may give it a little better look but it is otherwise good as well. For the last 20 years, it is enjoying a huge demand among people.

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