Why Counter Strike is still such a Popular Game?

Counter Strike is one of the first 3-dimensional shooting games that was available earlier in windows. We have all played Counter Strike during our childhood and had the best experience. You could play both single and multiplayer using a LAN connection. This was an old school experience for all the 90’s kids because this game has an edge when it first came out. The game is very easy to install if you had the original CD, but you could also download the game and install it will the crack.

1. Interesting missions

There is an intense mission in the game, and each mission has its own characteristics and location. Interesting mission objectives would drive your interest instantly, and you could get weapon upgrades as well. The Counter Strike missions are very sketchy if you did not know how to play.

2. Weapons choices

There were constant weapon upgrades, which would give you an option to choose a powerful weapon and holster the rest of them. There were Snipers, rifles, machine guns, pistols, grenades and more. You had to unlock mission after achieving them and completing the tasks of each mission.

3. Background

The backgrounds in every mission had their vibe and color set accurately so that there is no confusion the gamer would face. The locations in the mission of the game had prominent graphic control to portray a desert as if it is and water like how water seems to have waves. There are different backgrounds. The backgrounds had their own charm, and that is why people loved playing the game.

4. Easy game-play

The controls of the game could be set very easily from the settings options so that one could make sure there is no difficulty in understanding the game while playing. One could change the controls from the default settings and set it according to their convenience. If you ever play Counter Strike, you will see how easy it is to operate the controls and play the game.

The game is one of the earliest forms of first-person shooting game and had become popular among the gamers during its time. There were Counter Strike tournaments that had prize money and contests that hosted the game for all players. Because it could be played even with LAN connection, one would play with online players from all across the globe.

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