Does Cannabis kill Cancer Cells?

Do you also question often, does Cannabis kill cancer cells in the human body?

If yes, then it might be a big myth circulated into your brain due to media or any other unreliable sources.

Cannabis has been used in various forms since thousands of years for recreational purposes. However, it has been proved in studies that cannabis also has many medicinal uses for the human body. Hence people have started using it as a remedial solution to treat many diseases.

Many people also believe that cannabis is effective in killing cancer cells and cures a person of this deadly disease. Where does this belief sprout from?

Well, it has been spread into the air that a high-dose of cannabis could kill cancer cells in a petri-dish. But, is there any proof about such action of cannabis in the human body? No, until now, there is no evidence which proves that cannabis could help cure a person of cancer disease. In this post, we have discussed in details does Cannabis kill cancer cells or not. Before that, read below to know more about the cannabis plant.

Many medical studies have proved that cannabis has been effective in curing some symptoms such as chronic pain, poor appetite, and nausea. It also has the capacity to cure many physiological as well as psychological problems in the human body on a large scale. Despite such a long list of medical benefits, cannabis or marijuana is not allowed to be sold in many parts of the world. Some people claim that cannabis being a natural drug, it could also kill cancer cells in the human body.

Is cannabis a natural herb or a drug?

There is a misconception that cannabis is purely natural but it is a false claim. Every medical product contains some compounds which are extracted from nature but that doesn’t mean it is a natural herb or drug. Marijuana or Cannabis contains 483 compounds, one of the popular being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which could cure a person of psychiatric diseases. Medical Cannabis is not a natural herb but a drug which one should take only after taking a prescription from one’s doctor. Many people also use Cannabis in place of weed as they find it difficult to get rid of weed smell.

Is Cannabis Effective in Curing Cancer?

There are many online sources which give evidence of cannabis curing people suffering from cancer. Many patients who don’t have much knowledge about medical science start believing such type of information available online. However, there is no truth in such type of rumors as medical studies have not yet released any conclusion about the validation of such claims. Yeah, it is a known fact that medical cannabis is capable of curing pain, nausea and other cancer-related symptoms but it has no direct relation in curing cancer in any form in the human body.

If it were true then there would not have been any other better cure for cancer.

It is not necessary to take cannabis via the mouth or as in oil tinctures by placing it under the tongue. However, this way, you could take the effect of cannabis for a long duration of time. For fast action, it could be inhaled or vaped which would prevent you from any sort of smell coming out while consuming it. Also, many people have even started using vapes for smoking weeds as it solves their problem of how to get rid of weed smell. Apart from using the option of vaping, you can also check online for getting access to many proven ways available on how to remove weed smell.

In the case of Cannabis, the ratio of THC to Cannabidiol varies which simply determines the effect of the drug on the body. However, it should be only consumed by a patient if he is certified to buy it from any medical store. Otherwise, it could lead to some serious problems in his life.


So, to conclude we can say that cannabis should not be consumed for curing cancer as it is not yet proven to be able to do so. If you opt for taking cannabis for treating cancer then it would be a total waste of time as well as effort. As Cannabis is costly, so you should start it with a low dosage at nights and avoid its overuse. However, Cannabis can be taken in any form to cure cancer-related symptoms only after consulting a reputed doctor.

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