Effect of Stress and Anxiety on Your Body

Every person is going through or has gone through stress at one point in their lives. Stress has become a part of one’s day to day lives; be it about work, relationships, or self-related. Although every person has some kind of stress, the major difference is how an individual deals with their anxiety. For instance, a Person A handles a very critical moment, like getting a final warning from the job or getting cheated by their partner, with patience, optimism, and positivity. Whereas when a Person B faces a similar problem, he/she gets into depression, starts crying, and puts himself/herself into the shell.

People who come under the second category do not understand the fact that stress can cause more problems in their life than they think. Apart from a negative attitude, your body also faces many physical problems. Stress restricts the functioning of useful parasites in your body from protecting you and increases the growth of harmful parasites. Before you get trapped into getting health problems due to stress, it is very important to treat it. With medical help, we have found that there are several herbs that will kill parasites which promote stress and save you from many stress-related health problems.

Following are some of the health problems which occur mainly due to the stress and anxiety you have in your life:

  1. Obesity:

Stress has the ability to cause sudden weight gain or weight loss to your body. Stress can cause a person to skip their meals or over-eat which leads to a sudden weight change. Stress in women lowers their metabolism rate which disturbs the process of digestion. People under stress tend to eat emotionally which eventually usually leads to obesity. Obesity is the root cause of many major health problems that might occur.

  1. Depression:

People who take too much of stress and burden and do not learn to deal with it, tend to go into depression at some point in their life. Once you get into the state of depression, it takes too much determination and willpower to get out of it. Depression eventually leads you to isolate yourself from people in your life, always have negative emotions running through your head, or even trying to harm yourself. There are certain medications that help to keep your depression in control but it also requires your effort and help from loved ones.

  1. Heart problems:

It is a known fact that a person who takes too much stress will eventually be diagnosed with heart problems. Stress leads to fluctuating blood-pressure and even cholesterol. People who have these problems should be very careful and take care of themselves in order to avoid life-threatening problems like a heart attack.

  1. Premature aging:

What goes on inside your body eventually shows up on your face. Stress increases your rate of aging and you start to look much older than you actually are. Grey hair, dark circles, hair fall, wrinkled face, and sagging skin are some changes that happen in your body when you get too much stress.

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