Best Exercise to Reduce Thighs in Order to have Slim Legs

The sedentary lifestyle in today’s time has led to the accumulation of fat in the thighs. Both women and men face this problem of excessive thigh fat and try several ways to cure it. It requires following a strict diet plan and doing an exercise to reduce thighs in order to get slim legs. Well, it is a little difficult to choose an effective exercise for reducing thigh fat, from a wide number of exercises available. In this post, we have mentioned the best exercises for losing excess fat from thighs. If a person follows any one of the exercise to reduce thigh fat in a religious manner, then he will be able to lose extra fat from the thighs.


The simplest and the best exercise to reduce thighs is Squats. This exercise is known as the king of all exercises and it is effective for the entire body. And the reason for declaring Squats as the best exercise to reduce thigh fat is that it helps to burn a higher amount of calories at a faster rate. Apart from helping to lose excess fat, Squats also contributes to the strengthening of calves, lower back, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Hack Squats or regular Barbell squats can be tried once a person becomes an expert in doing normal squats.

Forward Lunges

Forward Lunges is another exercise to reduce thigh fat which can be done without any equipment at home. As it works on the biggest muscle of the body, the amount of fat loss in this exercise is very high.


Burpees is also an effective exercise for reducing thigh fat. It involves a squat thrust with a push up at the bottom of the movement and a vertical jump at the top. It helps to lose extra calories and builds strength as well as increases the flexibility of the body. These days, people are looking for various programs to have a higher vertical jump while doing exercise. Before choosing a vertical jump program, you must look at the review of the best vertical jump programs designed for fat loss.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks is helpful for the activation of various muscle groups in the body. It helps to lose the thigh fat and strengthens the legs, arms, and core. By raising the heart rate, it also helps to keep the heart and lungs healthy.

Other Exercises

There are many other exercises available which help to lose the thigh fat in an effective way. Leg Curles, Deadlift, step-ups are the other exercises which one can try to have healthy legs.

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