Flotation Therapy: Float Tanks vs Therapy Sessions

Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy or more commonly known as Floating and flotation therapy has become an enormously popular due to the various and many benefits that the therapy has to offer. Those who find the therapy helpful towards their state of mental and physical health range from stressed soccer moms to professional athletes, from pregnant women to high strung corporate executives.

This is mainly due to the fact that floating helps these individuals relax, manage pain, recover from physical injuries and ailments faster and even sleep better in general. Although flotation therapy itself has received wide attention, the flotation tanks or types of flotation tanks that are available in the market received little coverage despite the fact that there are a multitude of them in all forms, shapes, sizes and special features.

The configurations or features that have been included in modern day float tanks is based on the knowledge that has been gained from more than half a century worth of collective experiences from a multitude of factions. This is the reason as to why flotation pods, tanks, compartments or rooms come in a wide variety each with their own uniqueness that manufacturers add in towards gaining competitive advantage.

However, based on the fact that most consumers are ‘tied-down’ by financial limitations, choosing the right type of float tank for their homes, office or even clinic could prove to be an enormous challenge as they attempt to get the best value for their money. This decision making process towards choosing the right flotation pod / float tank nevertheless does not only depend on financial elements as the primary objective of a flotation pod should be based on the health benefits not aesthetics.

Hence, it is important to prioritise the effectiveness of the float pod before taking into consideration how the flotation tank actually looks. Most flotation pods that are rolled out by manufacturers are mostly ‘good looking’ and thus, ‘aesthetics’ should be the last thing on the buyers mind when it comes to buying sensory deprivation pods.

Regardless of the fact if the float tanks are for your home, an office, health clinics, float centres, dedicated spas or for athletic training facilities there is always a model at the right price that would be able to accommodate different spaces and more importantly the different sizes of people and their budgets which varies as much as their shapes and sizes do.

In order to enjoy the natural benefits of flotation tank therapy it is important to find one that fits your physical make-up such as height, width etcetera. The next factor that you need to look into is the size and shape of the pod which should be able to fit into the space that you have it planned for, the drainage and last but not least a space to dry up and change.

Flotation therapy pods are manufactured across the globe by different manufacturers with different target customer segments, hence knowing what you want, what you need and what you have and striking a balance between these three factors is a critical success factor towards owning the right float tank.

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