Healthiest Wine – How to choose the best red wine for health

People often wonder what is a good red wine? And since many people today are health conscious, they often ask whether there exists any healthiest wine or not? And moreover, if that does, how would you choose the best red wine for health?

In this article, I intend to touch upon these points only. Here you will learn how can you pick the healthiest red wine, and what would ideally be the best red wine for health. I am sure all you wine lovers will really love this article, since your health is taken care of without compromising on your choices. Isn’t it?

But before we move ahead and pick the healthiest wine, let’s answer to the question why is red wine good for you.

Is red wine good for you?

Definitely yes!

People often find red wine good for heart. And while alcohol is infamous for causing stomach fat, red wine does not!

You can easily sneak a glass of good red wine here and there in a week without worrying whether you will fit in your skinny jeans or not. No bloating, and no stomach fat occurs, keeping you lean just like you were before.

That was about fat. But wines are also popular for having large quantities of anti oxidants. While we know that these antioxidants are really helpful to the body, how are they actually helpful?


One of the key nutrients found in a good red wine is resveratrol. This is packed with enormous antioxidant properties. Antioxidants in wine protect the blood vessels in the body from any kind of damage. Along with that, it also prevents blood clots, and reduces LDL cholestrol levels in the body. Isn’t this the property you need in the healthiest red wine?

Some other benefits of resveratrol include:

  • Lowered risk of cancer
  • Less chances of strokes
  • Reduce inflammation
  • No heart diseases, and so on.

So now you know how great this is for your body, make sure you have your shelves stock up with plenty of red wine instead of any other alcohol. One, no weight gain, and two, great amounts of antioxidants. What else do you need in the healthiest red wine?

Are all red wines same?


Remember, not all wines are healthiest wines. As you know that the wines are made from grapes, it depends on the kind of grapes whether the given wine is healthy or not. Different varieties of grapes have different nutrients. And different wines are also processed in different manner. All of this makes each wine different from one another.

Overall, it is the quantity of antioxidants present in the wine that makes it good or bad.

Good Red Wine and the Healthiest Wine

Good Red Wine

So now, let’s move to find out the list of best red wine for health. This list of healthiest wine to drink is something you need to remember every time you go and buy a good red wine.

Here are some popular kinds of red wine. These are some of the good red wines which you must try at least once in your life.

Pinot Noir

This is one of the best red wine brands for health. This is the wine with most resveratrol. Hence, it can be counted as the topmost choice when it comes to selecting the healthiest wine. Pinot Noir health benefits are also huge. Considering the amount of antioxidants present in this type of red wine, it is no wonder that having a glass of this wine will only make your body more healthy.

But is resveratrol quantity the only measure what makes Pinot Noir the best choice? Definitely not.

Pinot Noir is also famous for having the lowest amount of sugar level. Since it has lower initial sugar level before going for fermentation, it results in having less alcohol and hence less calories.

However, it has presence of a little amount of tannins, a brownish substance causing bitter taste. This can cause problems for those who are more prone to heartburns. So, I would recommend you to moderate your quantity of intake with a healthy meal, and you have the perfect healthiest meal ready for you.


While Pinot noir is more on bitter side, Merlot has very less bitter taste. It has more of a soft and elegant style. This is one of the most healthy wines to drink, and it is also a good red wine for beginners.

What do you think are the benefits of merlot?

Right from its soft and alluring texture to plum and chocolate taste, this wine is made just for you. Rich in antioxidants, it also helps reduce cholestrol levels, thereby reducing the blood clotting. There are various kinds of merlot wines in the market, which you can try out and find your perfect taste.

healthiest red wine


This is another one of the popular red wines brands. It is made using red wine grapes. But this has fewer antioxidants, since it is fermented for only 2 to 20 hours. This is a French wine, which is gaining huge popularity in the summer time of USA. Rose wine has a very gorgeous color of crystal, pale pink. And not just the color, its taste also attract a lot of wine lovers.

This healthiest red wine has flavors of grape, melon, citrus and some floral as well. Different brands will give you a different mix of flavors. Must try out various rose red wines available in the market and then settle on your favorite healthiest wine.


This is also a popular French wine, belonging to a village from France, named Madiran. This Madiran wine is made from tannat grapes of that region. These grapes are responsible for producing this acidic wine. Let’s now look at some of the Madiran wine health benefits.

This wine has large quantity of polyphenol tannin. And that is due to the grapes which are a rich source of this. These tannins help in fighting against the bacterial infections. So what are you thinking about? Remember this healthiest red wine next time you fall ill.


Cabernet is another one of the best red wine brands. This is also made from tannat grapes, hence this wine is also helpful in fighting the bacterial infections. It has a rustic color, giving it a very polished look. Along with polyphenol tannin, it also has high levels of procyanidins. This is a kind of antioxidant, which helps our body to survive and cure cardiovascular and arterial diseases.

Hence, having this will ensure you live a long life, unlike the time when you consume other alcohols which are known to decrease longevity.

So pair this wine with healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, etc. And you can stay assured of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Moscato Red Wine

This kind of Moscato wine is rising high on demand since last many years. But is moscato good for you?

It has a very high sweet content, and very low alcohol content. Priced at a very low side, it is another one of the healthiest red wine for the beginners, ranging in flavors like floral and fruity. This is an Italian wine which is also one of the best red wine for health.

It is made from Muscat grapes, and it comes in both white and red colors. Because it has very low alcohol content, it is usually preferred in desserts. The health benefits of red moscato wine are large. Since it is fermented only half way, the alcohol content is less. And the sugary taste is all due to the grapes. All of this makes it another healthiest wine which helps fight various health issues.

Try out each of these healthiest red wines and see for yourself which one suits you the best. By taste, color and flavor, experiment each good red wine and pick upon the healthiest wine you find the best.

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