How To Use CBD Oil

If you’ve been considered taking CBD, you’re one of the millions of people all over the world that have been taking it. According to a recent poll, even nearly about 1 out of every 7 adults have regularly taken or tried CBD in 2019, and that says a lot considering it just popped out onto the market a couple years ago and immediately boomed. And 14% is a big number when you consider that America alone has more than 350 million people. That’s an average of over 45 million people. But how do they take it? Well, there are numerous ways that you can take CBD and we’ll cover them here.

The Different Ways You Can Take It

According to all of the polls, there are numerous ways you can take CBD. You can ingest it orally in various forms (we’ll get to that later), use it as a topical ointment directly on your body, and use different forms of CBD products (like full spectrum, half spectrum, and CBD isolate).

Using It Topically

This is one way to use CBD for immediate muscle aches and pain remedies. If you’re wanting to get the benefits of a muscle rub, but also have the health benefits of CBD, then you can try this method, which is extremely popular for athletes to use.

Vaping CBD

Some people choose to vape CBD oils, but this is still a very controversial topic. This delivers CBD directly to your lungs and into your blood vessels.

Oral Ingestion Methods

Taking CBD orally can take shape in many forms, but it’s still the most popular way that people take CBD. You can buy capsules that are loaded with CBD oils, or you can simply get the tinctures, which a lot of people do by placing a few drops under the tongue for a dose. If you’re feeling “froggy”, there are chewable gummies available at most places that even sell CBD, and they’re actually a great tasting way to mask the bitter taste of CBD oil tinctures.

Another method that’s on the rise of oral ingestion is using CBD infused water, which uses very carefully researched and placed nanotechnology to infuse water molecules with CBD. This method requires less actual CBD to be ingested and used, as it has a higher absorbency by your body compared to other methods, which may require a higher dose than others.

Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

While there is the controversy of the fact that full spectrum can contain THC that can cause things like false positives, when it comes to hemp plants, there is fortunately almost no trace of it from most manufacturers, and it is well below legal limits in full spectrum products. Full spectrum and half spectrum products use the whole plant rather than just simply extracting the isolate out of the CBD. This can be beneficial for things like pain and other ailments, while problems such as seizures or tremors that require higher CBD doses would recommend the isolates.


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