Neck Exercises – Chiropractic Stretches and Workouts for Neck Pain

Have you been dealing with neck pain due to a full-day sitting routine at the workplace? Aren’t you finding enough time to hit the gym or participate in any sort of workout regime to do neck exercises? About 8 out of 10 people are facing neck problems in their daily routine due to a sedentary lifestyle. Apart from this, their inability to find sufficient time due to busy lifestyle has also been contributing to increase their neck pain and other related problems due to the wrong body posture.

In this post, we have mentioned some of the chiropractic exercises for neck pain that one can do to cope up with any type of neck pain. Our neck includes a trapezius muscle that forms a diamond. It connects the mid-back up to the shoulders and then finally attaches at the base of the head. The stiffness in trapezius muscles can cause neck pain and it can be completely cured by doing some easy neck workouts sitting at a chair only.

In the US, Chiropractor Tulsa OK has been quite popular for offering excellent services for people to cure neck pain with the help of chiropractic neck exercises under the guidance of expert chiropractors. Below, we have mentioned some of the neck exercises for reducing the tension from your neck with ease. It is advised to perform all the below-mentioned neck exercises under the care of a chiropractor.

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The trap Stretch

  • It is possible to do this neck stretch while standing, sitting, or lying on the back with arms at your sides.
  • Side bend the head to one side and tip the ear to the opposite shoulder in a comfortable fashion.
  • Lift the shoulder towards the ear with the aid of the opposite arm and hold it for 15 seconds followed by the lowering of the shoulder to the floor.
  • Similarly, repeat the same neck exercise on the opposite side.

Cervical Spine Extension

  • Cervical spine extension gives instant relief and it is one of the effective neck exercises for pain relief as it releases the pressure off the cervical spine.
  • To do this exercise, one needs to sit, stand, or lie on the floor with both arms stretched down by your side.
  • Push both shoulders down and tuck the chin into the chest.
  • Elevate the chin to the ceiling and extend the head back slightly by keeping the arms down and back.
  • Hold this position for 15 seconds and repeat the same exercise after taking rest for 30 seconds.

Trap and Neck Stretch

  • Extend the shoulders down and back slightly.
  • On the same side on which you have stretched down your arm, tilt your ear to your shoulder.
  • Grasp the wrist of the arm on the side to be stretched with the other hand.
  • Turn the head toward the side in which the neck is to be stretched and tilt the head away from the ear to shoulder.
  • Hold in this position for 20 seconds and repeat for each side three times.

The motive of Chiropractic neck exercises and stretches is to remove all the stiffness from your neck to make you feel comfortable. All these stretches, when done properly with the help of a Chiropractor, will help to relieve a person of his neck pain completely. Once a person learns doing all these exercises, it is suggested to do all the exercises for neck pain relief at home yourself. These neck pain exercises will help to remove all the stiffness and make a person feel active at work.

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