Yoga To Fight Against Headaches

A headache can make you suffer a lot, disturbing your whole schedule. While people look for medicines as soon as they get a minute headache there are some who prefer a more holistic approach towards health. Whether a headache from hangovers, stress or dehydration, yoga can fight headaches without any side effects.

Yoga is a natural way to get rid of the pain quickly without disturbing your body’s natural process. Medicines can affect your body drastically. Some medicines affect the immune system of the body. Instead of getting benefits you are causing a long term effect to the body. Whereas regular yoga practice at home reduces the tension in the body thus you are saved from headaches and any other health issues. The Hobby Kraze has also shared a detailed guide to Yoga for daily stretching and stillness, that will help you fall into the yoga routine more comfortably.

The parasympathetic system gets relaxed due to the yoga poses. Your blood pressure is controlled and the heart rate works normally. The intensity and frequency of the headaches get reduced as you become yoga regular. If someone is suffering from serious headache issues like migraine they should definitely hire a yoga expert to help them ease the problem. It is best when yoga is done under supervision and guidance.

The best poses for a quick relief from a mild headache are child’s pose (balasana), seated forward fold (paschimottanasana), and cat-cow pose (bitilasana marjaryasana). These poses can be easily done at home to relieve headaches. They are easy to do and keep your body flexible. You can stay in the positions as long as they are comfortable to you. Keep taking long, deep breaths while in the pose. You have to slowly take the pose, relax, breathe and feel the stretch.

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