2020 is the Year of RATS

In the Chinese Zodiac, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020 … are the Rat years representing wit, ambition and adaptive nature. Rat is the 1st among the 12 animal signs with Water being its main element. The Rat people, other than displaying charming and outgoing personality traits, are also stubborn, timid, and greedy in the hindsight. To know more about their characteristics, read on.

How is a Rat’s Persona?

Curious, talkative, extremely alert and imaginative is the main characteristic of those born in the year of the rat, the first sign of the Chinese zodiac. Rats have keen observation skills, strong intuition making them very adaptive in nature. Though by appearance they may see calm but they are an aggressive and restless lot. Friends and admirers surround them and popularity never misses this hardworking perfectionists. They are generous with money to their loved ones but tend to get thrifty when it comes to others. They lack stability and persistence due to which they change jobs frequently, complaining and criticizing when problems occur. Rats can be successful only if they counter their normal behaviour of never listening to others and put their adaptive nature and problem-solving skills to good use.

What will Rat do to earn?

A Rat’s good instinct makes them spot all the good chances in a business. They are perceptive, wise with good problem-solving and observation skills. But they lack in being persistent with what they’re doing. Routing is boring for them and they yearn for flexibility in life. Thus it’s best for them to go towards a creative career. Be an artist, an editor or a writer. Any job that offers creation, thinking, and invention is best suited for them like musician, lawyer, stand-up comedian, broadcaster, entrepreneur, doctor, researcher, inventor, accountant or stock analyst.

What kind of health does a Rat enjoy?

Rats by nature are active and energetic so they generally enjoy good health all their life. If they feel down anytime they are bound to recover fast. Regular exercise and refraining from stress will keep a Rat healthy, wealthy and fine. They need to keep their aggressive and nervous behaviour in check always.  Exercise will strengthen their blood circulation and rid their body of toxic chemicals and thoughts.

How much love will the Rat receive?

Rats’ charm, optimism, kindness makes them the centre of attraction so there is never a dearth of friends and admirers. There sentimental, affectionate, tolerant and considerate nature adds to their generous persona. Yes! They aren’t romantic. But they are extremely loving, protective and loyal to their partners and their families.

To increase their charm Rats can wear their lucky colors like blue, golden, green; consider the numbers 2, 3 and flowers like Lily and African violet lucky for them. 

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