3 Tips to Keep your Patio Umbrella from Falling Over

Whether you are doing your work on your laptop or chilling with your friends and loved ones on a sunny day, a patio umbrella serves the purpose of giving you a wonderful experience. However, the one problem which most of the people experience is the falling over of a patio umbrella on the blow of a fast wind. But this is not a subject of worry as there are many hacks available to deal with this problem and help you enjoy the beauty of nature sitting under a patio umbrella. Here are some of the tips to keep your patio umbrella from falling over:

Use a Heavy Base with Right Weight

One of the best ways to avoid a patio umbrella (ร่มสนาม)from falling over is to use a heavy base. By using a heavyweight base such as of granite or cement makes it possible to prevent a patio umbrella from falling over under wind pressure. Many patio umbrellas come with a heavyweight but still, it is preferable to buy a sandbag or some sort of extra weight to support it. While choosing the weight, it is important to keep in mind the size of the umbrella as, without proper measurements, it would be difficult to keep a patio umbrella steady under high-pressure winds. Also, it is recommended to keep a patio umbrella closed when it is not in use. This way, you can easily save it from getting damaged due to rough environmental conditions.

Use Aluminium for Ribs

It is advisable to use eucalyptus wood for the skeleton of a patio umbrella as this helps to keep the umbrella steady under storms or heavy winds. Also, you should prefer to use aluminum ribs instead of plastic or steel. These ribs will help your umbrella bear the intense pressure of your winds. It is recommended to be aware of the wind timings if you live in a windy area. By being proactive, you could simply save your patio umbrella from getting damaged.

Use Tripod legs Stand and Ensure Air Vent

Tripod legs stand helps to bear the high-pressure winds and save a patio umbrella from falling over. Also, by ensuring the air vent canopy at the top of the umbrella, it is possible to vent out air and prevent it from falling. The tables you use with the patio umbrella also provides support to it and one could easily give basic support to it by using durable outdoor tables.

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