8 Fabulous Gifts for the Tea Lover

Every avid tea lover knows that preparing and enjoying a flawless cup of tea is an art that should be savored and cherished. They are not only passionate about the beverage itself but also the tea-making process. That is why it can be tricky to buy a gift for the tea brewers in your life. Nonetheless, giving them the perfect tea leaves and accessories can do the trick.

Looking for a picture-perfect gift for the tea lover? Here are 8 of the most fabulous gifts that every tea enthusiast will drool over. These are awesome gifts that will help them make and savor every sip of the beverage of their choice.

(1) Kool8 Bottle

If you are looking to gift a carry bottle to a tea lover, look no further than Kool8 water bottle. Hands down one of the most versatile water bottles of 2019, Kool8 is a dream come true for any person who loves to enjoy tea on the go. Even better, it is the best carry bottle if you love to make your own special tea and take it to work.

Right out of the box, Kool8 bottle is quite a looker thanks to its simple yet stylish modern design. It is built almost entirely from stainless steel material, which means it is durable, sturdy and long-lasting. The double-wall vacuum insulation ensures that the tea inside stays warm for at least 12 hours.

However, what makes Kool8 truly stand out in a sea of other tea carry bottles is the infuser which makes it effortless to enjoy all your favorite tea flavors wherever you are and whenever you want it. The bottle also comes with a well-designed and positioned tea strainer that makes the bottle very convenient and easy to use.

If you friend is an eco-conscious tea lover, he or she will fall in love with Kool8 right from the first sight. It has no BPA and every step in its journey to your home is environmentally-friendly. You will also be happy to know that 20% of the proceeds from Kool8 sales will be used to ensure people in the underdeveloped regions in the globe get clean, accessible water.

As if all these features aren’t fantastic enough, Kool8 is surprisingly inexpensive.

2) Buy Loose Leaves from Tiesta (or a Gift Card)

Change the life of your tea-loving friend for good by introducing them to Tiesta. This is a one-stop shop for all-things amazing loose teas. For all the tea lovers at work, you can join Tiesta’s office tea program to take advantage of wholesale prices, steal-deals, discounts, and much more.

Tiesta carries a huge variety of loose teas, including matcha teas, energizer teams, immunity teas, relaxer teas, eternity teas, and slenderizer teas. They come in all kinds of flavor infusions, from vibrant mango to pineapple and every enriching flavor in between. If you don’t know which flavor will do the trick, you can just give the tea lover an e-gift card. He or she will absolutely love you for it.

3) Bamboo MN Matcha Starter Set

Matcha tea craze is all the rage right now. The flavorful green tea is teeming with health and wellness benefits. It’s loaded with antioxidants that help keep your heart healthy.

Recent studies have shown that matcha tea helps rev up the metabolism and calorie burning, something which comes in handy for those who want to lose weight and keep it off. Those who have joined the matcha train know that it’s also rich in vitamins, fiber and helps soothe the mind and body.

Given all these benefits, you might want to buy your matcha enthusiast this Bamboo MN Matcha bowl set. It contains everything that they need to make a perfect cup of matcha tea.

4) David’s Tea Steeper

If your friend loves to brew using loose leaves, this steeper by David’s Tea might be the best possible gift you can get. It takes the hassle out of making loose leaf tea. It’s easy to use, clean, and delivers a well-strained cup of tea.

5) Vintage Tea Tins

Tea is a beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries across every continent. Why not bring the touch of the bygone era with these vintage tea tins. They are handmade and each one comes with its own design. They are not just perfect for tucking away your favorite loose teas, but can also add some vintage charm and oomph to any tea lover’s kitchen. Good thing, you can choose from an array of unique designs.

6) Digital Measuring Spoon By Sharper Image

Making a flawless cup of tea often boils down to getting measurements right. Whether it’s water or tea, you can to use just-right amount. A tea enthusiast knows that using too little or too much can result in a too weak or too strong cup of tea. This digital spoon by Sharper Image takes the guesswork out of measuring tea, and brewing master will love it as a gift.

7) Volar Ideas Elephant Mug

Not all tea mugs are created equal, and Volar Ideas knows this best. Did you know that you have to lift out the tea bag after 4 minutes? Wondering where to put the dripping tea bag after removing it?

Volar Ideas has got you covered. Its elephant-shaped mug has a hollow part close to the lid where you can place your used tea bags so you can get down to enjoying your cup of tea. The mug itself is humongous with 15-ounce capacity. And it comes with an easy-grip handle for the ultimate tea enjoyability!

8) SpillNot Mug Holder

The last thing you want is to spill a scorching hot cup of tea, especially when you are carrying it. If you aren’t careful, it can burn your skin or ruin your precious furniture. With No-Spill Mug Holder by SpillNot, that’s a thing of the past. This mug carrier can be a lifesaver, and worth every penny. Your friend will appreciate the humor and thought you put into this gift.

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