Becoming An Award-Winning Creative Artist

If you want to win anything -a race, yourself, your life- you have to go a little berserk. — George A. Sheehan

When an artist performs his art, he doesn’t directly keep a motive to get the best results. But instead, he keeps very subtle thoughts in mind about how easily he can connect with his audience. This connectedness really helps the artist become successful in the long run and eventually gets him the awards. Many artists entered the creative industry with the motive to win people’s hearts, and they have made it. There are many if we list the names here. On the contrary, there is a huge list of those people who could not make it despite having excellent artistic skills.

Things that make people succeed are not extraordinary or something out of space, but just simple ethics that help you stay on track and take you to the roof of success. These may include: staying consistent with your work, having a checklist made to complete tasks on time, brainstorming creative ideas to work through ideas, executing plans on time, etc. There might be times when artists get overwhelmed by the constant work; hence, they should also understand the need to take breaks. A healthy schedule is something that doesn’t only helps you relax but gives room for better thoughts as well. 

One thing that award-winning artists do that separates them from other artists is understanding what to say “No” to. Not saying yes to every opportunity is a skill many artists lack and need to work on. This skill doesn’t let any artist fail ever, as it helps to understand the role/opportunity and would it suits their goal set or would it aligns with their personality or not. Saying yes to every opportunity would make you appear everywhere in the start but cannot help you grow your fan base as you wouldn’t have any unique line of work. As they say, “having a bit of everything can sometimes make you fall into a hole of nothingness.”

An artist who is certain of the type of expressive content he can give to his audience will automatically be confident that his fans will like it. Confidence will help him perform well and put forward his best work. In this situation, other artists would also want to collaborate with you. From one collaboration to many more, an artist starts to reach a bigger audience and eventually becomes a well-known public figure.

Combining creative artistic skills, work ethics, a good persona in the audience’s eye, a well-defined goal, and a proper direction gives you a push to automatically reach success. The continuous success leads to the jury rewarding you with trophies for your efforts.

An award-winning creative artist came up in my head while just writing this article only Miquel Reina. Miquel has worked in multiple areas of the creative field and marked his position prominently everywhere. He has succeeded by keeping a few things very strictly in his life, including his passion for expressing emotions through creative arts. Reina then has worked as a digital designer, filmmaker, and even writer, but his work’s motive has always been how to reach people through his work and the reason to win awards for his work. 

Gen-Z should put more time into reading stories of people like Reina to get the boost to do something creative in the most straightforward ways and reach people’s hearts to make a mark in this world that will always help future generations.

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