7 Best Websites for Online Shopping in Taiwan

For all the residents of Taiwan, online shopping has become a new trend. With the high growth of the e-commerce market in Taiwan over the past few years, the size of the market has grown at a rapid pace. There are plenty of websites available for online shopping in Taiwan which satisfy the need of the customers to the fullest. The advancement of technology at an excellent rate and the increase in the disposable income of people are the two prominent factors which have contributed to the growth of online shopping sector all across the world. And, Taiwan is no exception.

According to the data available from various studies, it has been observed that Taiwan online shopping sector has been growing at a remarkable rate. Every year, there is an average growth of 10-20% in Taiwan’s e-commerce retail business. And it has surpassed the sales of physical retail stores to a great extent. The evolution in the eCommerce retail sector in Taiwan has also contributed to the growth of eCommerce website development services. People are opening their person online stores to sell products and services to consumers. Here are the 7 best websites for online shopping in Taiwan from where you can buy your favorite product:


ruten.com.tw is one of the popular websites for online shopping in Taiwan. It has over 110 million pieces of products available in a wide variety. If we take Taiwan, then it is the no. 1 auction site in Taiwan and it is the fourth largest auction platform at a global level.


pchome.com.tw is another name on the list of Taiwan online shopping websites which enjoy huge popularity among the Taiwanese. As soon as any new product is launched, it becomes available at this e-commerce website. One can shop here at 24*7 and buy high-quality items at an affordable price with a good discount rate. The option for home delivery is also available which simply makes it easy for customers in Taiwan to shop here.


Books.com is also a very good website available in Taiwan from where one can shop for his products. It offers the facility of coupon code occasionally which can be used to buy products at a lower cost. For all those who stay in Taiwan temporarily or permanently can go for online shopping in Taiwan on books.com. All types of books can be bought here at a reasonable cost.


It was started as a home shopping Tv channel in 2004 as a joint venture between Fubon Taiwan and South Korea Lotte. Momoshop.com is the one Taiwan online shopping website from where one can buy almost every type of item. Beauty, food care, leisure sports, home life, shoes are some of the items which can be purchased from this online platform. This is the branch of a parent company, Fubon Technology Group which also own Taiwan Mobile.


Here at taobao.com, one can shop for any category of products ranging from toys, clothes, entertainment stuff, and academic stuff. Every age group of people can shop here. It is one of the best website online shopping in Taiwan which has gained huge popularity in less time.


shopee.com.tw should not be ignored when it comes to buying stuff online. You will not be disappointed as the quality of products available at this e-commerce website is of high quality.


PayEasy also enjoys its name on the list of the popular online shopping websites in Taiwan which have become favorite of people for selling every category of products.

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