Capricorn Colors – For Clothes, Gems & Good Luck [Astrology Certified]

People looking for their lucky Capricorn colors have come to the right place!

How strong believer are you of astrology? Do you have a lucky color? Or a lucky number? Do you often read astrology section in a newspaper?

If yes, then welcome to the group of people who strongly believe in Astrology.

In this article, we will talk about Capricorn, which is the 10th Astrological sign in the Zodiac cycle. The people who have birthday falling between 22nd December to 20th January have Capricorn as their zodiac sign. Before we talk about how Capricornians are, and what are their lucky colors, gems or other such good luck items, let’s first know a bit about Capricorn.

More about the Zodiac sign – Capricorn

The term ‘Capricorn’ originated from the star constellation, Capricornus. This constellation has the shape of a horned goat, which then became the symbol of this Astrological sign. Through this constellation, sun travels every year around the time period of 22nd December to 20th January. And hence, people who are born in between these 2 days are known to be the natives of Capricornus, and are called Capricornians.

This zodiac sign has Earth as the main element, and is known to be ruled by the planet, Saturn. The astrologers consider Capricorn as a sea goat, which has the head of a horned goat, and the body of a fish.

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Those who believe in Astrology strongly, also believe in following the exact colors, numbers, and everything that their zodiac sign says. And here, we will talk about what the astrological sign of Capricorn says.

Capricorn Colors

The Capricorn lucky color is known to be Indigo. But Indigo and green, both are given the place of lucky Capricorn colors in Astrology. So you need to start wearing Indigo or green outfits often, if you wish to see the luck in your day. If you are someone who loves to wear a pastel color outfit, then you can try lighter shades of green to follow your sign and your favorite color.

Overall, if you want to get lucky in your upcoming task, then we would advise you to wear a dark blue trouser/jeans or any other dark blue or green outfit when you step out from your house. That would definitely bring a positive change in your professional and personal life.

While Dark blue speaks to the intelligent side of a Capricorn, green helps them keep their feet on the ground. Blue symbolizes their calm nature, that just like an ocean, they might have a lot swirling inside them. But they would appear to be calmer on the outside. And the green is Earth’s color, which also help them stay calm when life around them seems fuzzy and crazy.

Though Green and Dark Blue are the Capricorn colors, they can wear any other color too in their day to day lives, like White and Brown. However, there are few colors they should try their best to avoid. And those are:

  • Red – can be too intense
  • Gold – Capricorns avoid glitter and showy metallic shades
  • Orange – can be too overpowering

These are some of the power colors of Capricorns and some they should avoid.

These colors will prove them lucky not just in the choice of their clothes, but also for anything they buy. For example, the paint on their walls, gemstones, and so on. Capricorn colors, specially Dark Blue (Indigo) and Green will bring a lot of good luck in their life.

Good Luck Things

Apart from the Capricorn lucky colors, we would also like to share some of the other lucky things that would bring lots of fortune in the lives of Capricorns, if they follow them right.

Lucky Day – Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Lucky Color Stones – Emerald, Black Onyx

Unlucky Stones – Ruby, Yellow Sapphire

Lucky Partner – Taurus

Lucky Boss – Virgo

Lucky Alphabets – B, E, I, O, P, S

Lucky Numbers – 6, 8, 9

These are some of the lucky items which Capricorns should keep in mind next time they plan on achieving something big.

About Capricorn People

Having looked at some of the lucky colors and other items for Capricorns, let’s now get to know a bit about these Capricorn people too.

Capricorns are known to be some of the most practical people. They are down to earth, yet very ambitious too. And they would never shy away from taking any kind of responsibility. These people are logical and relentless, having a far fetched vision and the spirit to meet it. Capricorns are also known to put a lot of effort in everything they do, making it a motive to achieve the success.

So this was all about Capricorns that we wished to share with all the people, no matter if you fall in the category of being a Capricorn or not. If you are one, these lucky items will help you achieve success. And if you are someone who knows a Capricorn, you can either gift them something that falls in this category, or make sure they follow their Capricorn colors in whatever they do.

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