Popular Coloring Books Based on Color by Number for Adults

Do you love to find but sometimes deal with confusion in deciding the right colors for your picture? Are you looking for a way to ease the choice of colors while painting? All those readers whose answers are ‘yes’ to these two questions have been at the right place. In this post, we have mentioned the coloring books related to color by number for adults who want to paint the desired portrait in a pleasant manner. Out of all the color by number adult coloring books, one can simply make a choice for a suitable book based on one’s interest.

All the books mentioned below fall under the Creative Haven Series of Dover Publications. With the help of color by number printables for adults, new colorists can simply remove all their stress related to selecting the right colors for a picture. Using the numbered guide mentioned in each of the color by numbers coloring book, it will become possible for every colorist to design their accurate portraits of all the illustrated images mentioned in books.

Color By Number Printables for Adults

The following are the popular coloring books with theme color by number for adults in order to help colorists make their designs effectively by choosing their colors effectively. You can choose out of the plethora of books to help colorists paint their pictures.

Christmas Color by Number

Christmas coloring book from George Toufexis is based on the theme of Christmas and it contains 46 images related to traditional Christmas scenes. One can see the images of people enjoying during the Christmas holidays and other important things such as Santa, Stockings by the Fire, Winter Nature scenes, and other important Christmas celebration scenes. All the images printed on one side of each page in this book are perforated and it requires a bit of experience to paint these creatively on anything.

Butterflies Color by Number

Butterflies color by number contains 46 images related to butterfly and moth on each side of a page. The perforated paper used is white in color and medium in weight. All the illustrations focusing on butterflies on flowers and in the gardens are shown in the book.

Birds Color by Number

Plenty of birds have been shown in images illustrated in this book. A total of 46 images of birds such as spoonbill, flamingo, wild turkey, cedar waxwing, and Baltimore oriole have been given in their natural habitats in the book.

Sea Life Color by Number

If a colorist loves to paint sea-life on a paper then this book will be perfect for him. Different marine creatures such as sea turtles, dolphins can be found on the perforated pages of this book. It is possible to achieve perfect shading and realistic effects by using printed numbers for a specific color key.

Mandalas Color by Number

Another book in the category of color by number for adults from creative haven is Mandalas color by number. Each printed numbers has been related to a particular color key to guide colorists to paint a given page.

Dogs – Color by Number

For all the dog lovers, this book contains the portraits of dogs such as German shepherd, beagle, Labrador, and other famous breeds.

American Landscapes

If you want to paint scenic beauty then American landscapes will be the appropriate coloring book for experienced colorists. This book contains scenes from Yosemite National Park, Fossil Butte National Monument, Enders State Forest, and other scenes from natural beauty on one-sided perforated pages.

Brain Game Color by Number Books for Adults

Brain game color by number books contains pictures of animals, home scenes and other daily life scenes we see in our daily lives. The following are the color by number books for adults in this category.

  • Stress-Free Coloring
  • Colors by Numbers Calm
  • Colors by Numbers Animal Kingdom
  • Colors by Numbers Enchanted World

Coloring Books by F Sehnaz Bac

The popular artwork from Italian Artists F Sehnaz Bac series consists of work related to creatures such as birds and butterflies including in vibrant colors in colored pencils, crayons, or paints. A colorist can easily color in numbered space by choosing the corresponding colors from the color key and create a creative piece of artwork. Following are the works from the artist F Sehnaz Bac to help a person paint creatively:

  • Birds & Butterflies Guided Coloring
  • Animal Friend Color by Number
  • Flower and Mandals Color by Number

Usborne Color by Numbers

Usborne has also offered some of the coloring books to help both kids as well as adults to start a business. It is a very simple book to allow adults to do their artwork in a simple manner.

  • The Usborne Color by Numbers Book
  • The Usborne Big Color by Numbers Book
  • Colortronic:  A Kaleidoscopic Coloring Challenge

Trianimal Extreme Color by Number Books

Trianimals color by number book contains 80 vibrant animal faces that show 3-D geometric style. By containing dozens of beautiful animals with realistic effects, it makes available contemporary 3-D designs made with the help of triangles. It is also a good collection of color by number for adults. One can make use of every picture in Trinanimals as a guide to create amazing finished pieces. The perforated pages make it easy for every colorist to display and remove all his artworks.

  • Trianimals Color Me Wild Color by Number Book
  • Trianimals Color Me Dog
  • Trianimals Color Me Cat

Other Books 

  • Country Scenes Creative Haven Color by Number
  • Color By Number Cats
  • Horses
  • Floral Design Color By Number
  • Still Life Color by Number
  • Animal Stencils Color by Number

A lot of publications have been providing excellent books for coloring and other themes related to daily life. The popularity of the publication, the Manhattan book group, has been increasing because of its capability to provide an excellent service to all authors.

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