Description of Japanese Sex Toys as Depicted in Ancient Shunga

In Shunga prints from the Edo period, Japanese sex toys have been depicted for the purpose of joy and education. A complete description of the purpose of usage of each type of sex toy has been explained along with the pseudo-scientific description. In addition to this, an emphasis has been laid on the relationship between sex and health. We have mentioned the various sex toys that were prevalent in Japan during the Edo period and also we have explained the importance of these sex toys for humans at that time.

Benevolent Dildo

A complete description of the number of times one should have sex in four seasons has been depicted in the four koban shunga by Keisai Eisen. It mentions that one should have sex three times a week in spring, six times in summer, one time in autumn, and one should avoid having sex in winter. All the important description of different positions of sex and using different sex toys like there on love loxy has been mentioned in a detailed manner.

Jewel Balls

Jewel Balls are the other category of Japanese sex toys that were used in the times of ancient Shunga. Women used to wind jewel balls around the penis of his lover during their love-play. And these devices were designed after taking into consideration all the health benefits of sex for everyone.

Laughing Devices

In order to establish a strong connection between sex and laughter, the laughing devices such as phalluses were prevalent in ancient times. Such devices can also be seen at local festivals even in today’s time. However, there are a lot of distinctions between the phalluses that were used for religious rituals and the dildos that were used for daily use.

Dōkyō’s Armour

Other sex toys included are buffalo horn-made dildos (ushizo), tortoiseshell (kamezo) and wood (mokuzo). And there were also hollow dildos which had cotton wadding soaked in hot water placed inside it in order to make the dildo soft and warm. One sex toy namely Dōkyō’s Armour and helmet’ (Dōkyō no yoroi-kabuto) named after the monk Dōkyō, the lover of Empress Koken (AD 718-70).

And if we compare the transformation of sex toys in today’s time then we can get to notice a lot of changes in sex toys in comparison to the earlier times. For example, onahole is one such Japanese sex toy which is popular among men and women alike to have sexual pleasure. Awareness about the product has been provided by onaholesensei to educate customers about the culture as well as the history of the product.

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