Digital Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles Printing is now Being Done with Inkjet Technology

Digital technology has transformed many industries, and it is developing more rapidly now. Ceramic and Porcelain tile industry is not left without the use of digital technology. Tiles manufacturers are using digital printing technology to stay competitive with each other. They are using digital inkjet technology to make a variety of designs on tiles according to the market demands. Involvement of inkjet technology in tiles is very old, but there wasn’t any digital use of inkjet technology in tiles manufacturing. Now the technology has become the prime importance for tile business runners.

Evolution of Printing on Tiles

Evolution of printing on ceramic and porcelain tiles had started when the people got fed up with single screen printing tiles. In single screen printing style, pattern and designs were repeated, and every house was installing the same tiles.The demand for more pattern and color combinations started which propelled manufacturers to begin using inkjet technology to make a different shade of colors on their designs. There were also rollers in use which made large graphics on tiles. But the roller had made tile printing work very complex by using more colors. Then the inkjet technology in tile printing emerged to make the industry more stable.

The innovation of Inkjet Technology

Use of inkjet technology was limited, as the makers were accustomed to rely on the roller to design tiles. Like computer technology, inkjet technology emerged slowly and then suddenly boomed the industries related to them. Today digital inkjet technology is available at every tile making company. To draw a design on tiles, they gently scan the design from a paper with digital technology and reproduce that design on tiles with inkjet technology. The whole process is like, scanning and printing a picture. Hundreds of different visuals can be printed and developed on ceramic antique tiles with the help of digital inkjet technology.

The efficiency of Inkjet Technology

Digital inkjet technology is allowing makers to print such designs on tiles, which nobody has seen and imagined earlier. While taiangreenindustry is helping them procure chemical raw materials, they are now producing high definition visual on ceramic and porcelain tiles which resemble the exact look of a creature. The technology used in the inkjet screening of tiles is very unique and economical. It is a fast, effective and time-saving way of running tile making business.

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