Engagement Ring Size – Important Points to Know Related to it

When it comes to selecting the right ring for your engagement, the importance of engagement ring size cannot be ignored. There are some important points which one should take into consideration regarding the working of engagement ring sizing for a woman. In this post, we have mentioned all the necessary things which one needs to take into account while choosing the right engagement ring.

Understand Ring Size and Collect Basic Ring Finger Knowledge

Ring finger sizes are based on the numeral scale, which depicts the inner circumference of a band. Normally, the size spans from 3mm to 15 mm and the difference between two ring sizes is around 2-3mm. Another thing which one needs to know is that the left ring finger size is smaller than the right ring finger. It is so because the dominant hand’s ring finger is 1/2 a size larger than the non-dominant hand. An average woman’s ring size is 6 for a ring that is 2-3 mm wide. Most women don’t have any knowledge about their left ring size but they are well aware of their right ring size.

Know about Her Ring Size

A person must have an exact idea about his woman’s ring size. Normally, an average woman’s engagement ring size spans between 5.5 to 6.5. And one should keep in mind that it is wise to select a ring with a little larger size because it will fit even if there is any swelling in the fingers of a woman after eating anything. One should have an idea of small hands size (4.5 – 5.5), medium hands (5.75-6.5), and Large hands (6.75-7.5). In addition to this, it is important to consider the width of the ring while selecting an engagement ring. Hatton Garden Jeweller offers many different sizes of engagement as well as wedding rings in order to find a suitable one for your woman.

Choosing the Right Strategies for Figuring Out the Ring Size

While measuring the ring size, the right strategies must be used by a person. It is better to go to a jeweler for selecting the right ring size for a woman. One should take care of a ring sizing policy and/or a return or exchange policy in writing. Reputed jewelers offer ring resizing policies which include eternity rings.

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