Entrepreneur Alexandre Mourreau and his Obsession with Acquiring Luxury Objects

From the spring-powered mechanical and manual clocks that appeared in the 14th Century, wristwatches evolved in the 17th Century due to the need to keep time. The layout and framework involved a mechanical device running on clockwork and maintaining time with an oscillating balance wheel. The watches were primarily mechanical and utilized the functioning of clocks. A portable alternative to the wall clock, wrist watches are easy to use and carry while offering a fashion statement. Watches evolved significantly over the years due to technological advancement and progress. Some premium and limited-edition watches became collectibles due to their rarity and value.

Collectible watches usually have a price tag in the millions that enable owners to give an exclusive fashion and luxury statement by keeping rare watches in their possession. Rare and valuable watches also provide excellent investment opportunities because owners can sell the watches at a significant profit. Some people have enthusiasm for collecting such watches to improve their lifestyles and boost their confidence. The Swiss-born entrepreneur Alexandre Mourreau is passionate about collecting luxurious gadgets and is always catching up with the ongoing tech trends. Recently he got his hands on the newly released Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillion Timepiece. It is a watch with a view of an internal engine and is the first in the world. A specific part is made for this small batch of 126 pieces. It is the result of the exclusive collaboration between Jacob & Co. and Bugatti, which is a remarkable engineering accomplishment. 

The variety of products offered by Jacob & Co. demonstrates the company’s desire to create incredible works that have never been seen before. The year 2019 saw the signing of multi-year cooperation between Bugatti and Jacob & Co. to produce one-of-a-kind timepieces. Few people, such as Andrew Tate, Manny Koshbin, and now Alexandre Mourreau, have the combination of the Bugatti Chiron sports car and the new Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillion timepiece.

Growing up as a child, Mourreau had developed an interest in supercars which grew to the extent that he, at 36 years of age, spends much time around supercars covering the ongoing journey he started way back in 2009. He has been a part of a well-known international auto event, Cars & Coffee. The event was the perfect place to display and meet many others who shared his interests. With his impressive skill set and apparent love of cars, he soon rose to the position of director of Cars & Coffee Geneva in 2018. His main goal was to organize remarkable Geneva events unrivaled in scope and organization. Since there are so many prospects for investors in the real estate sector, he chooses to work as a real estate developer. Alexandre Mourreau intends to enter the real estate industry as his father did, eventually taking over and carrying on his father’s legacy. The appointment of Alexandre Mourreau as Director of Cars & Coffee Geneva was a noteworthy accomplishment. 

Alexandre Mourreau – The Passionate Collector Known for Collecting Art, Supercars & Watches

People with passions have the art of inspiring others, as does Alexandre Mourreau. Mourreau is a devoted collector with investments estimated to be worth approximately $100 million. He is known for collecting art, supercars, and watches. Mourreau is a real estate investor in France and Switzerland who owns and operates a media and event company. He maintains a lively Instagram account that offers glimpses inside his supercar-centered, Geneva-based home and travel-oriented lifestyle. In his social media posts, Alexandre Mourreau frequently features his supercars, and some of his recent posts feature his recently purchased watch.

Future Photography – A Join Effort

Alexandre Mourreau also has an interest in aesthetic photography and understands the growing demand for it in social media. Alexandre co-founded a photography and videography company in 2012 with his friend Florent Poncelet. In the beginning, Alexandre and Florent offered services for automotive photography, which resulted in the establishment of the business.

Mourreau has worked independently with his friend Florent on several photographic contracts. In addition to his passion for supercars and watches, he runs a photography firm he founded with the help of his friend. 

Alexandre’s passion fuels Future Photography in the same way it fuels his life. Their primary goal is to record the aesthetics and beauty of the moment. With their exceptional photography and videography, they make it a point to convey vivid, high-quality pictures, considering all the great angles and viewpoints that bring out the best in an image. They provide the knowledge of a group of gifted and imaginative people under the direction of Alexandre, making sure to exceed clients’ expectations consistently.

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