Here’s How you can Sell your Car in Dubai, Strategically

Are you planning to buy a new car and thus selling the old one? Is the old one too old, or you are changing cities or helping the environment and now want to use the public transport? So many reasons that requires you to now sell the first car! Selling the most cumbersome job in the whole car business. Great news is if you have to sell something here in Dubai, there are always takers. There is demand for used cars in Dubai and yes there is a large industry for the same.

Below are 3 Basic Steps that car selling requires:

The Buyer

Before you look for a buyer, get the car serviced, cleaned and tested. Make sure it works properly and all the defects and dents are repaired. Be honest about the condition of the car and do not cheat.

When it comes to selling the car there are many popular online services that can be used to find buyers. Popular sites include Dubizzle, Sell Any Cars, Cash Your Car UAE, and Car Switch, to list your car. There are Notice boards at supermarkets, use them to advertise. Then there are newspapers and magazines like Gulf News classifieds, Khaleej Times classifieds, Auto Trader that have specific columns or pages for selling cars. You can consider them too to advertise such as “sell my car“. There is an option to visit used car showrooms across Dubai to find potential buyers. The best part of the deal is the showrooms themselves do most of the paper work required later.

Cancellation of Insurance

As soon as the deal is confirmed and the payment has been received and you are in the process of changing the ownership, firstly cancel the insurance policy from the insurance company. You will be able to receive a refund for the premium paid, if there are still months of insurance valid.

Transferring Ownership

After the insurance is cancelled you will need to test the vehicle in any of the RTA authorised test centres. Fill the transfer form through typing centre after the tests. You will be required to submit your original registration card, valid driver’s license of the buyer, valid copy of the Emirates ID / Passport + Visa copy and new insurance from the buyer in any RTA authorised registration centres. Once the documents are submitted your vehicle will be checked for any fines that may have accrued on the car. If there are fines, you will be asked to pay those and if not, the new registration card will be printed. Keep a copy of the registration card with you as a proof of sale.


While selling your car always sell only to reputed persons, and insist on a cash in advance unless you are dealing with a reputed company. Do not cheat and hide the faults in the car, always advertise the car condition as it is.

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