How Much to Tip Movers & Packers?

Whenever we take help from packers and movers, we often come across the question, “How much to tip movers?”. I am sure you must have asked yourself this same question, do I tip movers or not, every time you took help from packers and movers to change your location. Haven’t you?

This is the common dilemma which maximum of the people face. Definitely the people are getting paid for the work they do, yet just like how a person tips staff in restaurant, he often feels obliged to tip the packers and movers too. But the question arises how much do you tip movers?

One of the persons, who was working with movers Mesa AZ, shared that many of his movers staff gets sufficiently paid in the form of tips every month. But there are few who do not get paid with the tips at all. There is nothing right or wrong in giving the tips. This is solely one’s own perspective about tipping long distance movers or the short distance ones.

Giving a tip to these people is a good thing. But how much? That’s the major question. While some people give $5 as a tip to the movers, some even give up to $50 to them. There is no fixed amount on how much do you tip movers.

But there are few parameters for sure which govern how much you should tip and whether you should tip or not.

Long Distance vs Short Distance

When you hire packers and movers, you have a certain destination in mind. You either go for

  • Long distance shifting, or
  • Short distance shifting

When you are shifting locally only, you might question yourself how much to tip local movers. Ideally, the best is to tip them based on the weight they are carrying and how easy it is for them. For example, if they are carrying very heavy weights to your house through several stairs, again and again, then definitely you should tip them heavy too. But if they just have to shift all of your stuff once only to the ground floor, then it is on you whether you have to tip them or not.

In the long distance shifting, answer to tipping long distance movers can be given based on the difficulty they face to reach your house. If the same person has to travel for several days to reach your house, or if it is located in a remote area which is difficult to reach and yet the movers visit, then you should give them a good tip. If the distance is easy and traveled by plane, and they just have to deliver the things at your doorstep in a single day itself, then you can even skip giving them the tip.

Parameters to judge

Besides long distance and short distance travel and shifting, there are several parameters too, which answer your queries on “Do I tip movers?” and “”How much to tip movers?”. Some of the points you can consider here can be:

  • Complexity of the move
    • Size of your package
    • How many stairs they have to take, or whether it is elevator
    • The number of packages which are over sized
    • The time it takes to move your package (for shorter distance travel)
  • Are you satisfied with their service or not
  • What is the overall cost of your shipment (If you are happy and cost is huge, you might want to give nice tip. If the cost is less, then a small tip would also do.)
  • What is your financial status (Obviously this makes the major impact on how much you can tip movers)

Sometimes the package that you receive at destination is torn or broken badly. Now should you tip movers? Definitely not!

When you are not satisfied with the service of the packers and movers company, they do not deserve even a single penny. But if you are really satisfied with their job and you received the product in a funny intact position, then appreciating those people with some tip is a good thing to do.

If you are happy, share this happiness with the movers and give them a sense of motivation. A good tip to each of the person, along with a bright smile and a thank you will definitely make their day. And doing a good deed will make you too happy for the rest of your day.

So now when anyone asks you, do you tip movers?, just go through these parameters once which you faced in your life and reply confidently with the same reasons. If you do tip movers, why? And if you don’t tip, why not? Just be confident and answer the amount, how much do you tip movers.

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