How much to Tip Movers for Long Distance Services?

Do you tip movers for shifting your stuff from one place to another? Another question, how much do you tip movers for carrying out moving activities?

Well, a huge number of people reading this post would say “yes” and specify different tip amounts. Tipping movers for their service is very a popular tradition which has been followed all over the globe on a large scale. What should be the criteria for tipping moving workers for their services? It is an interesting question and how much to tip movers depends on personal choice as well as the quality of service you receive from movers.

Criteria for Tipping Movers

So before we answer the question, “how much to tip movers?” we should throw light on the various factors on the basis of which, one should tip movers. Here are the few things which one should take into consideration before deciding the tipping amount for movers:

Quality of Service

How much to tip movers depends on the quality of service you receive from them. If movers have done a splendid job with high efficiency and without any hassle then you could give them a tip by keeping into account the amount of work they have done. Many reputed moving companies such as Phoenix Movers have been popular for doing excellent work and hence their members deserve a tip for their work. You should take into consideration the hard work of both the moving staff as well as the driving staff to decide the right amount for each category of people.

Amount of Work

Another factor which comes into focus while deciding how much to tip movers is the amount of work they have done. For example, Chandler movers in the US have been popular for doing a large volume of moving work with very high efficiency. In this case, one could tip the company workers with the by taking into account the standard rates at that time. For example, $50 to $100 would be sufficient for one day if you hired them for a decent quantity of work. Otherwise, you could raise the tip amount by taking into account their hard work as well as the total days of work.


To conclude, we could say that one should decide the tipping amount by keeping into account the quantity of work, quality of work and the hard work of movers. It is recommended not to use the percentage of total work to calculate the amount while tipping moves as this could lead to a burden on your pocket.

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