How to Clean Memory Foam Pillow?

Sleep-lovers are the ones who are very selective about anything related to their sleep. Be it for a comfortable bed, a fluffy mattress or even pillows – their search for the “perfect” thing to help them fall back on never ends. They seek the best kind of pillows and mattresses in the world that will help them retire for the day on their self-made bed of roses (read: comfort). And one of them is the memory foam pillow. But then again, one thing that still troubles them, is how they can clean memory foam pillow.

What is a memory foam pillow?

Among many other types of pillows, memory foam pillows are the ones that make one sleep comfortably and stress-freely. The memory foam is foamed polyurethane which has some added chemicals that make the pillow all fluffy and fleecy and helps people enjoy every nap like never before. The stuffing makes the pillow gain more density and viscosity that enables it to be more sought after than any other pillow. You can check out the guide to getting the finest shredded memory foam pillow for your own comfort.

How do you wash it?

This is a significant task when it comes to washing pillows. Always remember that a memory foam pillow will never go into your washing machine or dryer or tub. Your hand is enough to keep them clean.

1. Spot cleaning for better cleaning:

Sweat stains and residue make it look filthy and shabby. Spot cleaning is necessary, as in this case, you can make sure you are cleaning it right and leaving back no stains. The stains are hard to take off as it is there for an extended period. Hence, spot cleaning makes the job more comfortable for you and helps you keep your favorite pillows prim and proper. The colour and the quality are thus maintained in the process and let you enjoy a sound sleep every time.

2. Changing pillowcases:

In case you are very sensitive about minor issues like dirt and dust, making the pillow look old and dirty, try changing the pillowcases every day. This is a good habit and helps to keep your skin and hair in good condition as well. The dirt and dust can build up the presence of bacteria on your pillow, and it can create havoc on your skin.

3. Usage of a suitable detergent:

The choice of soaps is essential for the pillows and pillowcases. The rough handling can ruin the quality of both and leave your favourite pillow in a sad state. The strong detergent powders are better to avoid and make use of the gentle cleaning agents that ensure that the quality of the pillowcases remains soft and supple. The harsh detergents cause substantial damage to the cases, and this makes it extremely difficult to regain the superfine quality back.

4. The handling makes a difference:

Rough handling is dangerous for the superfine pillows. The way you handle your pillow will determine the longevity of the pillow. You must deal the pillow covers with utmost care to avoid any wear and tear of the fabric. The sharp handling will damage the memory foam, which is exceptionally delicate, and leave it with a rough surface making it difficult for you to sleep on.

5. Emergency cases:

If you happen to spill something on your pillow and spoil the cover, you need not worry but act smart. Remove the pillowcase and soak the spilling with a cloth. Add a bit of light detergent and water and rub gently until clean.

Cleaning pillow covers is difficult when it comes to super fine materials. However, following these rules, you will get the answer to how to clean memory foam pillow. These rules will not hamper them a bit, yet, leave you with a good sound sleep every time you bury your head into them.

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