How to Organize Your Kommode Konfigurieren Dresser

Finding the right dresser for your wardrobe requires a lot of skill, and even patience, especially when you’re going to have one custom made for you. But what’s more important is that you need to know how to organize with your bedroom dresser, which can easily get destroyed if you don’t have it organized properly. In this guide, we’re going to give you some of the best tips that will help you keep your clutter out of your wardrobe, so you can have better access to your clothes at any time.

Take Out the Trash

Okay, so hopefully you don’t have actual trash in your kommode konfigurieren, but if you do, it’s part of the clutter that you need to get rid of. What we mean by this is to take literally every single item out of your drawers and put them in a humongous pile. Match similar items with other similar items once this is done (sock with socks, t-shirts with t-shirts, and so on). Don’t worry about making it perfect, you just need a generalization here.

Sort Our Your Most Frequently Worn Clothes

Once this is done, you can divide your clothing into further groups, but start filtering through them to go through what you actually want to wear more often. Usually a couple weeks’ worth of clothing is plenty for a dresser, if not less (about a week plus one or two days’ worth of clothes).

Hang the Right Items

Some things should be hung so you’re not folding too much or stuffing too much in your drawers. Long sleeved shirts don’t really do well in dressers, and neither do pants or jeans. Cast those aside and if you’re not going to hang them, just fold them and stack them together on a shelf in your closet.

Adapt the Ranger Roll Technique

This is essentially rolling and folding your clothing into a smaller and compact method, also known as the burrito roll. This concept is used very heavy in the military where they’re always on the go, but it can save you a ton of space when it comes time to storing it back into your dresser.

Invest in Corner Wardrobes

Using corner cabinets, corner wardrobes, and corner-style dressers can save a lot more space in your room, and you can often get a ton of clothes in it if you have a lot that you’ll frequently wear, especially when using the roll-up method described above.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve done all of the above, you need to know what each drawer’s purpose is going to be. Therefore, you will normally want the undergarments at the top. One of the best methods is to go in the order that you’re going to put on clothing. Undergarments and socks to the top drawer, t-shirts in the next, shorts in the next drawer, and so forth. By properly designating each drawer’s purpose, and neatly setting and dividing the items as needed, you can get a lot more efficient use of your bedroom dresser and keep it organized for good.

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