Landscaping Company Gives Top Winter Prep Tips

Landscaping is essential when it comes to the winter and summer. If you want your lawn and flower beds to all be perfect the next year, you need to know that with the right tools, you can actually weatherproof your lawn so the harsh winter weather doesn’t destroy the beautiful oasis you are trying to maintain and be ready for the next available warm seasons. In this guide, we’ve found that a quality landscaping company is offering numerous tips on how to prep your yard in order to maximize efficiency and keep it from being damaged.

Raking is Not Overrated

People often think that their lawns will be fine the next year even if they don’t rake their lawn. Believe it or not though, leaves in your lawn is very bad for it, and can actually lead to decay, mold, and other things that can kill your grass and even your precious flowers.

Give it a Final Whack

You should have one last mow and weed eat session on your lawn for the winter months to come. The trick? Cut your lawn shorter than you did most of the year. This isn’t to kill your grass completely, but by cutting it to about a couple inches at the maximum length can help to keep pests away and help to keep it from getting too muddy or even smothering itself.

Another thing you want to do is aerate the soil and throw some lawn fertilizer if you’re wanting a lush lawn. If you’re wanting to have a brand new lawn on the next spring, this is also when you’ll want to do any lawn renovations in the fall before the ground freezes. This will ensure that your land is ready when the Spring hits to use all of the nutrients that are in the ground.

This applies for flower gardens and even trees, shrubs, and regular gardens as well. For regular gardens and flower gardens, this is the time also while the flowers die after the first frost (but below the first hard freeze) when you’ll want to do your first tilling and throw things like Miracle-Gro®, lime, and other plant foods in there. Since Winter’s coming, there’s no need to make a water solution. Simply sprinkle the powder into the ground.

Protect with Mulch

You can prune your big plants in the winter months, as well as put mulch around your trees before winter in order to help keep plants and trees healthy and protect them while they’re more dormant. Never use salts or ice melting agents around plants.


While the winter months can be pretty hard on your flower garden, and even your shrubs and trees, you’ll want the best protection all year-round. If you need a quality landscaper to do so, these tips have been provided by Legends Landscaping, one of Reno’s best landscaping and hardscaping companies in the area that can provide numerous services to help you prepare for the cold season.  You can learn more about Legends Landscaping here.

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