Popular Deck Skirting Ideas to Use for Home

For elevated decks, people need to use some material to conceal the area between the deck and the ground. Deck skirting is a material attached to support post and boards below a deck. As different types of materials are used for making different things, building a modern deck can be done with different skirtings. In this post, we have mentioned the types of deck skirting one can use to cover the area between the deck and the base. All the deck skirting types mentioned in this post will give an exceptional look to a house and helps to increase the appearance of an elevated deck to a great extent.

One can use several materials such as brick, faux stone, fencing boards, and lattice for making modern deck skirting for a deck. Before choosing a given type of deck skirting material, one must take into considerations several things. Ventilation, maintenance, and appearance are some of the factors which play a crucial role in deciding the deck skirting to use for a particular deck. And if you want to create a storage area beneath the deck, then it is mandatory for you to add an access door under the deck.

Brick Deck Skirting

One can use brick deck skirting for covering the below area of a deck and to give it a good look. The use of bricks for skirting will give a warm and earthy look that will really help to increase the beauty of a home. It will completely seal the bottom part of the deck and cover the area in an excellent manner. People who want to give their house a contemporary look opt for brick deck skirting. After using the bricks for skirting, one cannot tell the below area of a deck was empty before.

Faux Stone Skirting

Faux Stone skirting can be used to completely seal the area below a deck and it is available in various styles as well as colors. In addition to this, the maintenance cost for this faux stone skirting is very less.

Fencing Boards

Fencing boards can also be used vertically to fit for the uneven contour of the ground. In this category of deck skirting, one can get a custom color by painting it. However, in the market, it is not available in many colors.


It is the easiest deck skiting to install and it is most commonly available in the market. One can choose vinyl lattice or wood lattice to given an excellent appearance to a house.

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