The Lemon Cocktails You Need To Make NOW

There is a lime shortage. It can be very well felt when one is flying. Many airlines have chosen to no longer offer fresh limes in the in-flight drinks or have raised the prices considerably high for the drinks. Lemon cocktails are no more part of the in flight drinks. But you can make some delicious cocktails at your convenience without paying an exorbitant amount for limes.

The Fabulous Lemon & Basil Martini

Give the martini a fabulous punch by mixing it with Limoncello and lemon juice. It is refreshing and light due to the lime and adds in the right punch with the martini. You will have no clue when and where the drinks disappeared. Make your afternoon better with this shiny cocktail.

Find Balance With Strawberry-Lemon Mojitos

Strawberries are in season and lend the sweetness to the mojitos so that a balanced taste can be achieved. The fresh, zesty lemon juice coupled with sweet strawberries make for a balanced, delicious, and fruity mojito ready to make your summer cool and alive. The fruity taste and look of the drink is perfect for the season.

Drop The Mike With The Zesty Lemon Drop

The sweet-tart cocktail garnished with sour Lemonhead candies is a sight to look at. It looks fresh and tastes zesty and fantastic. The cocktail lovers have a great ball by making this delicious Lemon Drop at the convenience of your homes.

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The Terrific Blind Lemon Jefferson

With the perfect combination of rye whiskey, angostura bitters and muddled lemon, a terrific cocktail has come into existence. It is best enjoyed with the fabulous tarts on the sides or olives if you love them. All other drinks fade when this cocktail makes an appearance. You will be blind to the other combinations when this cocktail will serve you the terrific taste and buzz.

Let’s Go For A Spin With Lemon Zest

The sinful Lemon Zest blends Palo cortado sherry with gin and Cognac to give your tastebuds the much needed pleasure. Lemon Zest is packed with the right amount of limes and lemon. The drink is refreshing as well as mesmerizing.

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