Top 10 Varun Dhawan Hairstyles

Varun Dhawan is an Indian actor with not just great dance moves and acting skills, but also with great hairstyles and style quotient. Can we all shamelessly admit that we admire his style statements more than just a bit? I’m quite sure even men follow and stalk his social media profiles for inspiration in terms of styling and hairstyles. With his simple but elegant styling, he can make heads turn. And hence, people go crazy for some of the best Varun Dhawan hairstyles and looks.

Ever since he entered the industry with ‘Student Of The Year’, Varun Dhawan has been a treat to watch in the entire industry. He is not only popular for his physique, but also his classy hairstyle. It has been an easy game for Varun Dhawan, to pull off various range of hairstyles. So why not join us in checking out top ten of the best Varun Dhawan hairstyles till date!

If you wonder that how you can feel your handsome self in your basic getup, see Varun Dhawan new hairstyle and Varun Dhawan haircut. He is one of the most lovable personality from the whole of Bollywood industry. And he is also best known for his hairstyles and clothes off shoot as well.

Varun Dhawan is an amazing combination of high end fashion, as well as street styles. From Varun, you can learn how to look good with just your ordinary clothes on. It’s just about the way you style your hair and wear your clothes. Get your notepads (or tabs) out to take a leaf or two out of his styling book and put your best foot forward. Let’s now look at top Varun Dhawan hairstyles that have been killing the industry and the hearts of people.


Varun Dhawan Hairstyles

We all get to see Bollywood celebrities reinventing classic old retro looks every now and then but no one can pull off the look better than Varun Dhawan. And hence, this look makes one of the best Varun Dhawan hairstyles which people usually cherish. This look goes best with some t-shirt and simple khaki trousers or plain jeans.

If you have any plans to experiment this look on you then just know that you will need hair volume sprays and other products to increase the volume and lessen frizzes of hair. It’s a style that can never get outdated. If you are planning to go somewhere for a romantic trip or just a vacation party with your family then it will go best on you. It requires efforts and money but the effect is worth every bit of it.


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Everyone loves a man who gives off positive and protective vibes. Those kinds of styles add a dash of honesty and simplicity to the overall appearance. This style makes Varun look even innocent and cute which can get any women weak on their knees. And this is actually doable, because it requires minimum efforts and products. But the effect is great.

It also creates a sexy aura around him with his just out of bed ruffled and messy hair. If you are just spending a leisurely time with your friends or family, then this look is most suitable. You can style it with simple sweater shirts and denim jeans to pull out the look effortlessly. All the handsome cute small faced men and boys, this one will only work in your favor. If you have those big black nerd specs then all the better.


Spikes look

OK, all the ladies out there, can we just shamelessly admit that we all love a man who has a tad bit of the bad boy aura around him? I sure as hell love these kinds of men. And oh my, Varun with those sexy spikes has got me drooling. Add a black t-shirt and denims; it can take away your breath.

But this one needs efforts and products. Hair gel and volumers will do the basic job, but you also have to add more products in order to make it last longer. It goes best for night parties, hang out with friends or even office meetings because it goes well with suit and ties. Hell, it just magnifies the look, if anything. If you are out, chilling during the day, then don’t forget to accessories it with dark sun glasses.


This counts in one of the amazing Varun Dhawan hairstyles of all time. Cut your hair short and stop at a length which is easy to pull back with a bristle brush. If you are going for gym or work or casual outings, then it can enhance your look and make heads turn. It will look great with professional suits as well as simple t-shirts. This one requires just a tad bit of hair gel to set the hair.

If you have a little bit of beard, then voila! If you have a small round face or are plump (no offence intended) then it may not go well because of the short length. This one will suit on all types of outfits with its simple yet elegant effect. Going out to some park with family for picnic? Out with friends or colleagues? Choose this one to put your best foot forward.


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This Varun Dhawan hairstyle doesn’t require much styling or efforts. Short hair at the sides and a healthy volume at the top, it will go well for all face shapes and all kind of functions, be it formal or casual. You just need some fiber hold sprays or paste or gel to make it last for long hours.

You would hardly need any maintenance for this haircut. Yet, it puts out a great style impression for you. It will look great with formal wears but of course, you can pull it out with casual too. This hair style gives the man an edgy look that only brings out the rougher side. And trust me, females love a man who seems safe but a little naughty at the same time. So don’t get scared from the short length boys.


Doesn’t he look dashing with the well shaved sides? This is a very latest, trendy, as well as nice hairstyle for boys. This was his new look in the Movie ABCD 2. He is looking breezy, raffish and sporty. Really a well groomed one. Nice hairstyle to be tried by young boys. It will need some products for the quiff to stay properly but the effect is simply amazing. If you are going out for night outs or functions then this look will add some sexy vibes around you and will of course enhance your looks overall. It will complement suits as well as denims and casual wears.


This hairstyle is very easy to maintain and carry. It looks stylish, cool and smart on younger boys. For this kind of hairstyle, you can easily put into use your hands to style the top hair. Then apply some gel or hold spray to keep it in place. It’s easy and requires minimum efforts. The short spikes add a bit of ruggedness to your look. It will suite both formal as well as casual wears. If you are going out during the day then don’t forget to put on a dark shade sun glass to bring out the best in you. This one is low on cost and maintenance but produces best effects.


This is one of the perfect Varun Dhawan hairstyles for textured and bouncy hairs, with the heavy bang at the top. It can easily be achieved by blow drying and applying gel. Looks stylish and smart on young boys as well as men. The sides are lighter as compared to the upper part of hair. The middle upper portion is dense and products are used to add increased volume in case the volume of your hair is low. The volume sprays or gel or pastes help to give the hair a bouncy look. It can make heads turn with its rough and ethereal effects. If you have plans for night out with friends or are out with your partner then try out this one.



A low fade hairstyle is a hair do that fades down as you get towards the neck. The upper piece of the hair can be styled basically any way we like as long as it is thicker than the lower end. This hairstyle is some sort of decreased fade. The fade starts much below than the scalp level. All you need is some hair styling products to lock it up, trimming the extra volumes and comb.

Yes, it requires some efforts but look at Varun with this look and all your doubts will get washed away with awe. You can use either wax or gel to make spikes and style it wonderfully. A hair dryer works for longer hair. It gives you a easy breezy look and makes you look stunning. It will go well with all outfits and events. So what are you waiting for? Go and try it out today!



The kind of hairstyle is very stylish. In this, the back and sides of head are detached from the rest of the hair. And this means that there are very short hair on the back and side of the head, with no decrease of any sort. While in the middle, more length is given to cover them and give a finished look. The result of this entire styling is clean lines, sharp points and a lot of volume. This undercut hairstyle can be styled in a number of ways, including giving a slicked or cleared look.

An undercut can be as sensational or unobtrusive as you like, in as much as the hidden standard stays: Long to finish everything. Short on the sides. No decrease. I know it sounds like way too much but it’s actually easy. All you need is clippers, comb, hair spray, trimmer and a hand mirror to make sure you don’t ruin your hair.

And with that it’s a wrap. Everyone doesn’t have same styles, preferences or looks. So we have chosen these Varun Dhawan hairstyles, while keeping it in mind that everyone has different face structures and tastes. We have also considered the occasions so you can pick out your preferred hair style with no confusion, or at least minimum confusion and distress.

With the large variety of styles around you, you are tend to get more and more confused. Which one to pick for which moment, various doubts arise. No matter how much research you do, you would end up getting frustrated. So why worry when we have done all the work for you. Just go through the above list and you would be ready in just few minutes with the most stylish look.

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