Top 5 Window Shutters Ideas

Window shutters are attractive, though expensive window treatments. It gives a clean look to your windows and is quite appealing. A window treatment can upgrade or degrade the beauty of a room. If you are thinking to revamp your room, then you should start with window shutters. There are many exceptional versatile options for your bedroom, living room, or your kitchen. Apart from good looks, you may need a few more reasons to consider window shutters, specially the white plantation shutters.

  1. Ventilation. You can adjust the shutters for maximum privacy and yet control the light and air come into your room for maximum ventilation. Other window treatments like blinds and shades bang, clang and flutter in the wind because of its lightweight, unlike shutters.
  2. Durability. Shutters are durable and built to last. There is no need to substitute them every few years, which will initially pay off your investment over time.
  3. Child safety. Shutters don not have dangling chords, where children can get tangled and hurt themselves. Small children or babies often strangled themselves in the window covering, which can lead to severe accidents.
  4. Easy to maintain. Shutters are virtually maintenance-free. You just need a dry cloth to wipe off the dust. You don’t need to bring them down to clean like other window coverings.
  5. Aesthetics. You can’t go wrong with shutters; it comes in a variety of sizes and finishes to give the most attractive look to your house. You can also paint them according to your preferences.
  6. Energy savings. You can also get a mechanical shutter which closes and opens automatically to keep the sun rays from heating up your room. During winter it adds a layer of protection to protect the wood.

The best shutters to select for your home

  • Louver shutters – The most popular choices for windows and door is the louver shutters. It is constructed with overlapping slats of wood set into a frame. The medieval European buildings used louver to a turret for ventilations.
  • Panel Shutters – Panels shutters are flat, decorative, raised and coordinating window box which creates a formal country-garden window style. It is generally used in cold regions to protect the window frame and glasses from heavy winds and snow.
  • Board and batten shutters – These kinds of shutters are available in arch-top, joined, square or spaced styles. They are made from the individual wood boards joined together with battens or crosspieces.
  • Bermuda or Bahamas shutters – The slats on these push out shutters are joined at the top of the window, unlike any other standard shutters. These shutters are ideal for coastal or beach homes, as it protects from heat and allows a fresh breeze to come inside.
  • Scandinavian – Scandinavian shutters are robust, joined board and batten design, with cut-outs and bright colors. It is more prevalent in snowy Alpine regions where it helps to keep away the snowstorms and howling blizzards.

Good looks, attractive style, durability and safety are a few good reasons to consider window shutters. With a little upgrade and creativity of your windows, you can brighten up your home and make your house stand out from others.

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