Unplayable Lie Rule in a Golf Game – Ways to Deal with this Situation

How many of you love to play golf in your free time? A lot of people will say ‘yes’ to this question and probably might be remembering your favorite golf memories right now. Golf is really an excellent game that requires a lot of concentration and patience while playing it. However, a person might encounter a situation namely an unplayable lie during his play. Under such a situation, there are certain rules that one can follow to find a solution when golfing at any place.

In this post, we have mentioned the solution to deal with an unplayable lie in golf in a detail. In a situation when you don’t have an option to swing the ball it becomes necessary to follow certain rules mentioned in a golf rules book. Under such a situation, the unplayable ball rule states that one can simply get a one-stroke penalty in order to escape from this troubling situation.

Options to Escape this Situation

Below we have mentioned certain options that are included in unplayable lie situations. Following the below-mentioned rules will make it easier for you to escape this situation and enjoy playing your game effectively.

  • Go Back to Last Shot Point – The first solution that a person can seek is to go back to the same point where the last shot was played.
  • Drop a Ball Within Two Club Lengths – Another option is to drop the ball within two club-lengths of the place where it came to rest. Remember, you cannot move closer to the hole while following this step.
  • Point the Flagship – The last option a person has is to move away from the hole in backward in a straight direction by taking the flagship and pointing at where the ball came to rest.

In a nutshell, we can say that golf rules on unplayable lie simply state the there are only three possible solutions to deal with the situation of a golf unplayable lie. After choosing any of the three options, one will be able to make a swing in order to claim an unplayable lie rule. Although a player has to bear a penalty for a stroke, it will help to deal with this situation in an easy manner.

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