Ways to Make Your Own Perfume

Perfume is one of the popular subjects to talk about. We don’t carry the same perfume, where someone else’s favorite perfume can be a horror. The problem with almost all store-bought fragrances are that these can be too strong. It may irritate the skin and cannot be used during the summer. In this lieu, creating your own perfume is essential. This make it a good reason to create your own perfume that is completely unique. For a fact, a lot of the DIY perfume recipes make use of essential oils, and there is really no quick way to have a personal perfume that will be a signature scent in the future. For classic scents VISIT FRAGRANCE 365 NOW >>>.

Furthermore, perfume is a great gift, but it’s also advisable to give a perfume that you created yourself, which may come in a beautiful bottle. The perfume that you created yourself should be free from synthetic chemicals and is customizable to suit your personal taste. Below teaches you how to make your own perfume.

Perfume Ingredients and Materials

Perfume bears a classic blend of essential oils in a base oil, that is mixed with alcohol and water. To make your own perfume, you will need:

  • 25 drops essential oils
  • 7 drops base note essential oils
  • 7 drops middle note essential oils
  • 6-7 drops top note essential oils
  • couple of drops of bridge notes
  • 1/2 ounce jojoba oil or sweet almond oil
  • coffee filter
  • 2 tablespoons spring water or distilled water
  • dark-colored glass bottle
  • 2-1/2 ounces ethanol

Moreover, the essential oils that you blend will give you the base of your perfume. Such essential oils pertain to the “notes” of the perfume. These base notes constitute of the scents that lasts the longest on the skin. Additionally, the middle notes evaporate faster. Also, the top notes are the most dispersible. For a fact, these bridge notes bear a medium evaporation rates and is used to tie a scent together. There are times when other substances are mixed in the perfume, like vetiver, sea salt, camphor and black pepper. And because these essential oils evaporate at varied measures, the perfume scents changes over time as you use it.  

Creating Your Own Perfume

  • Blend the jojoba oil or sweet almond oil in the perfume bottle.
  • Then, mixed in the essential oils in this order: the base notes first, then add the middle notes and lastly the top notes. Blend in a few drops of bridge notes, if useful.
  • Blend in two and a half (2-1/2) ounces of alcohol.
  • Shake the bottle for some time and let it stand from forty-eight (48) hours to six (6) weeks. The perfume will diverse over time, where its strongest scent can be enjoyed in around six (6) weeks.
  • During achieving the right scent, blend in two (2) tablespoons of spring water to the perfume. Shake the bottle and filter the perfume through using a coffee filter. Then, pour it into the perfume bottle. Basically, the perfume bottle will be a dark bottle with lower airspace, because light and exposure to air may make the essential oils ineffective.
  • You may use a decorative bottle for the perfume, but, basically, using perfume in a dark sealed bottle is advisable.
  • Label the perfume. Be sure to keep a record of the perfume recipe in case you may want to do it once again.

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