What Are The Healthiest Ways To Smoke Weed In 2019?

There are a variety of different ways to smoke weed, and many cannabis consumers might not think about which way is known to be the healthiest method.

What thoughts come to your mind when you are thinking about cannabis consumption? A bong, pipe, or a joint? These are all popular things to think about when pondering cannabis and the various different ways of smoking it. Smoking a joint is indeed the most widespread method of consuming cannabis, but many don’t realize that it isn’t the healthiest way to do so. So, just why is this? It all boils down to what happens when you introduce a flame to the plant material. It will generate tar, hot smoke, and ash. Inhaling these things will typically create a burning type of sensation in the lungs and will cause you to cough.

If someone you know asks you if smoking cannabis hurts your lungs, your answer is usually that it will. Obviously, there are many factors out there such as the strength of the cannabis you purchased, the type of strain that it is, and the way in which you are consuming it. The purpose of this article is to inform you of the healthiest methods to consume weed and what kind of products are out there that will make smoking healthier.

Various Ways To Smoke Cannabis


To begin with, it’s best to address one of the most popular questions surrounding this topic, which is, “what’s the overall healthiest way to smoke weed?” By now, you might have guessed it, and yes, it is vaping. With vaping, you do not inhale any carcinogens and you also do not inhale in any smoke like how you do when you are smoking a joint. You simply just use sufficient heat to activate the cannabinoids (THC and CBD) and terpenes (fragrance and flavour) in the bud. The heat that a vaporizer produces is flexible and you can adjust it to certain temperatures.

 Let’s take a look at how vaporizers function. When you heat up a vaporizer, it will convert your cannabis into a vapour. The resulting vapour will then rise up into the chamber and the user will then breathe in through the mouthpiece of the vaporizer. There are some vaporizers that will heat up the air underneath the cannabis. The air that is heated up will flow into the cannabis and then release the terpenes and cannabinoids in it for the user to consume.

By using a vape pen, you can mitigate the irritation on your lungs that is caused by the heat, but you might still experience mild irritation. So, is vaping bad for your lungs or not then? Vaping lowers the extent that the cannabis plant material is burned, and this results in lesser damage to the lungs. Vaping is considered to be a healthier alternative to using joints. 

What Are Some Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A Vaporizer?

Choose a vaporizer that allows you to fully customize the temperature settings when searching for products to buy. Setting your vape pen temperature between 330 ° F to 370 ° F (165 ° C to 187 ° C) is the most favourable level that will typically yield the best results. This temperature isn’t too high that it will tear your lungs apart, and is in just the right range that will lower the chances of cannabis plant material from burning. It is also a temperature for just the right high.

 When addressing terpenes, vape temperature frequently plays a role. When the plant material is warmed at lower temperature levels, the terpenes more vibrantly convey their chemical composition. Essentially, the experience is going to be much more pleasurable and more fun. Using this method also gives you a heightened ability to experience the full tastes and flavours of cannabis.

Keep in mind that temperature control is extremely important because it will have an effect on your overall high. Certain temperatures will create different highs and here are some recommended settings that you can use, depending on what level of high you want to achieve:

  • Mild: 290 to 330°F (143 to 166°C)
  • Mediocre: 330 to 370°F (166 to 187°C)
  • Strong: 370 to 445°F (187 to 229°C)

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