What Are the Things to Keep in Mind When Doing Philanthropic Work

As a philanthropist, you want to have a real worldwide influence. However, you could feel that your funding is only a drop in the ocean given all the issues you observe, such as poverty, failing schools, and deforestation, to name a few. You’ll have to make difficult decisions and overcome challenges since philanthropy is complicated. Since charity is involved, it’s essential to understand your options before developing a strategy that makes a difference—clarifying your responses to these.

Throughout your giving, you will be faced with decisions on who else to involve in your philanthropy, which causes and nonprofits to support, how much money to donate to each because you care about, how long to fund a specific nonprofit, and what success looks like. You might find it helpful to ask yourself these six questions to serve as a guide:

  1. What do I believe and value?
  2. What exactly is “success,” and how is it attained?
  3. For what am I responsible?
  4. What will it take to complete the task?
  5. How can I collaborate with grantees?
  6. Am I making progress?

These six inquiries serve as the framework for the book Give Smart: Philanthropy that Gets Results and serves as the Foundation for Bridgespan’s resources on philanthropy advice. Before acting and making judgments, consider and research the following issues to aid you:

● Discover the complex and distinctive challenges likely to impact your charitable operations, develop strategic clarity, and explain your definition of success.

● Create feedback loops you can use to improve continuously; Carefully consider the NGOs you wish to support and the most effective ways to collaborate with them.

We recognize that only some questions will be equally relevant for every philanthropist. Their relative importance will likely change over time as your circumstances, and the arc of your philanthropy evolve. So whether they merit several hours of consideration—or several days, months, or even years—will depend on the specifics of your circumstances as well as on the sum of money involved, the difficulty of the issue (or issues) you’re choosing to focus on, and the extent of your ambitions.

To make more accessible references, one can always look for the most known and influential philanthropists across the world, and to make that easy, we have found one person after research for our readers. Dr. Chandra Bhanu Satpathy – a noted scholar, spiritual thinker, author, Indian Cultural Ambassador, and humanitarian.

He is the founder and chairman of the Shirdi Sai Global Foundation and the CBS Cultural Foundation. More than 250 centers and forums for philanthropy, community improvement, and spiritualism have been founded thanks to Satpathy, which also served as their inspiration.

. Shirdi Sai Global foundation works to benefit the less fortunate members of society by running accessible dispensaries, setting up camps for the public’s benefit during events like Garh Mela and Kumbh Mela, etc., organizing medical centers, food distribution, clothes distribution, and giving financial support to other groups and individuals doing the same.

Satpathy is the founder and chairman of the CBS Cultural Foundation. When natural disasters occur, the Foundation acts quickly to implement relief and restoration projects. The Foundation engages in such projects both domestically and abroad. Under his direction, the CBS Cultural Foundation gave the Odisha State Medical Corporation Ltd. 21 oxygen concentrators (OSMC).

The charity organization Swabhiman and Mamata was founded by Satpathy, who also serves as its patron. Swabhiman aims at the noble cause of working towards establishing self-determination, equal opportunities, and self-respect for disabled people. ‘Swabhiman’ believes that a healthy society must be inclusive and aims at underling the fact that persons with disability are also productive elements and equal partners in society. Dr. C B Satpathy is also the Chief Patron of ‘Anjali,’ a sister organization of ‘Swabhiman,’ which has similar objectives.

Dr. C B Satpathy is also the Chief Patron of ‘Anjali,’ a sister organization of ‘Swabhiman’, having similar objectives. Dr. C B Satpathy has endeavored to create an environment for the differently abled people to lead an everyday life alongside the ordinary people.

To date, Swabhiman and Anjali have uplifted the lives of more than 20,000 differently abled children and youth under his guidance and patronage.

The Jeevan Deep Leper Colony is situated at R.K. Puram, New Delhi. Under the patronage, inspiration, and supervision of Dr. C B Satpathy, the temple cum community hall of the colony was renovated. On the temple premises, people feed the lepers, distribute clothes and conduct other social activities. Under the patronage of Dr. C B, Satpathy, food, clothing, medical aid, etc., are provided to the lepers. During the last two decades, he has visited many such colonies inhabited by leprosy affected in rendering help to them.

Dr. Satpathy believes that ‘charity begins at home and encourages young children to do the same.

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