What are the Uses of Slates at your Home?

Slate is used in the house for various purposes as it has a number of practical properties which makes it suitable to use as a building material. Due to the number of benefits, slates are used for various purposes at homes. High durability, temperature tolerance, high chemical resistance, ability to retain its natural color in the presence of UV light and impermeability to water are some of the reasons which make slate a popular material to use at home. Here are some of the areas at home where slates could be used:

Floor Tiles and Paving

Slate tiles could be used as a floor tile due to the highly durable, non-slippery and hard wearing in wet as well as high traffic areas. Kitchens, bathrooms are some of the areas where slates could be used. Due to the non-slippery surface and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, slate could be used for exterior slate paving. And thisĀ slate and marble company of Welsh that takes care of slate house signs and engravings has gained huge popularity all across the world.

Wall Tiles and Fireplace Hearth

Slates could be used for shower and wetrooms wall tiles and one could also fix a slate as wall cladding. As slate slabs are available in different sizes so it could be fit as a fireplace hearth. Also, slates are very hard that it could be used under a solid fuel stove. Since buying a thick slab slate would cost a lot so a regular floor could be used for making a hearth.

Window Sills

Slates could also be used for window sills as slate window sills have a long life and it looks good in its appearance. It could be used for both indoors as well as outdoors purpose. Due to older properties, natural riven slate looks fantastic and straight cut slate window sill with smooth honed finish looks amazing. One could also have drip grooves cut into the underside to ensure the run-off of water easily.

Roof Tiles

Slates could also be used as roof tiles because of their hard surface. Also, due to waterproofing and the ability to split into flat tiles, slates could be used for making roofs.

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