White Zinfandel vs Rose Wine – Key Differences to know

Well, there would not be much people in the world who have not tasted wine even for once in their lives. However, due to the variety of wines produced by wine breweries, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify a given wine correctly. For instance, White Zinfandel vs rose wine is one such difference which people find it difficult to spot. Hence, in this post, we have mentioned in detail the traits of white zinfandel and rose wine which will help you distinguish between the two types of wines.


Since the two wines are made in the same way so not many people manage to spot the difference between the two wines. One of the major difference between white zinfandel and rose wine is that the former is pinker than the rose wine which varies from onion skin to deep-salmon to candy apple red. One should not confuse white zinfandel with Albarino wine as the latter is also white in color. In fact, you can learn about Albarino wine to get much more clarity about the 2 wines.


Another point for White Zinfandel vs rose wine is that white Zinfandel rose is sweeter than the traditional rose wine. However, both the wines are fruity and make anyone feel refreshing and delightful on a warm day. Although White zinfandel rose looks similar to Albarino wine, the latter one has a little salty taste.

Place of Manufacturing

Since many centuries, rose wines are made in France and the best quality of rose wines come from Tavel in the Rhone Valley and Bandol in Provence. Old world grapes such as Grenache, Mourvedre, Syrah, and Cinsault are used in the production of rose wine. The process of making white zinfandel is the same as the red wine with the difference that skin contact with the juice is avoided in order to create the right color as well as flavor.

Did White Zinfandel result from an Accident?

According to the evidence available in the popular wine books, the production of white Zinfandel for the first time was just a fortuitous accident. Bob Trinchero of Sutter Home Winery first produced it in California. While making an effort to create a richer Zinfandel, Trinchero accidentally removed 500 gallons of juice from the fermenting tank in order to ensure higher skin to juice ratio. The 500 gallons of white juice Trinchero produced was then sold by him under the name White Zinfandel.

We hope you have got a clear understanding of white zinfandel vs rose differences after reading this post. And you will not confuse between the two wines in any case.

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