Why Every Woman Needs Flat Iron

Every woman, especially women blessed or cursed (depending on their hair’s mood) with curls have turned to flat irons to style their hair on days they can’t afford a salon appointment or on days they’re running late and can’t take a shower.

Flat irons aren’t just a styling tool, they are a saving grace from all your bad hair days and if you are on the hunt for the perfect flat iron, you should look here. Those who haven’t bought one yet, I’m going to list out a few convincing reasons why you should absolutely get a flat iron.

Quick Solution For Bad Hair Days

Even the best of us go through the agony of bad hair days. You may have gone through several hairstyling tutorials or experimented with hair accessories and hats to cover up those unruly locks. Those tricks work just fine but only help in covering up your hair while taking up a sufficient amount of time and effort. But what a flat iron does is it takes your stubborn hair and styles them into a sleek and put-together look. All you need is 20 minutes, a lot of elbow grease, and hair serum to make them shiny and neat.

They Don’t Just Straight Hair

One of the best things about a flat iron is that it is a multipurpose styling tool and doesn’t just straighten your hair, but can curl, crimp and give you those luscious beachy waves. Simply buying a flat iron is better than spending several bucks on different hair styling tools and is especially helpful if you are tight on budget. With this amazing iron, you can style your hair differently each week without having to go to a parlour even.

You Take Care Of Your Hair More

Words like ‘damage’, ‘drying’ and ‘burns’ are synonymous with the use of a flat iron. Also, it’s true, unless you purchase a ceramic plated flat iron and use a good quality heat protectant before and after styling. With the increased use of heat on your hair, it’s natural you pamper your hair even more. Since every woman loves her hair regardless of how much they frustrate her.

Using a flat iron enables you to form a nurturing relationship with your hair and you even learn to embrace their natural self. You are likely to spend hours researching hair care treatments, preferably homemade, to retain your hair’s moisture as the heat from the iron dries out the hair quickly and to keep them healthy and nourished.

They’re Friendly On Dyed Hair

Dying your hair may have resulted in an overwhelming concern regarding your hair’s condition from people around you. Yes, colouring hair has a negative impact on hair’s texture and health but with the right products and hair care, you’ll be able to salvage them. Luckily, a flat iron goes easy on colour-treated hair. After dying your hair, you’ll avoid showering and use dry shampoo as much as you can to avoid colour bleeding.

A flat iron can be used on dyed hair to avoid straw-like coloured hair. However, make sure the temperature is set to the lowest as dyed hair cannot stand as much heat as virgin hair, so lower the temperature and with much less damage.   

It Enables More Savings

After buying and using a flat iron you will notice a decline in your hair salon appointments. Because you are likely to master straightening, curling or crimping your hair at home, this means you can save up the money you spend on a professional hairstylist. Also, a flat iron is an affordable and quality styling tool which won’t burn a  hole in your pocket. It’s a one-time investment which enables more savings in the long-term.

Well, here’s to hoping these 5 reasons were compelling enough for you to add a flat iron in your shopping cart right now!

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