All You Need to Know About Rubber Plugs Types and their Uses

Rubber has its uses in different industries and one of its use is in the form of rubber plugs. You might have seen rubber plugs in your life and their applications in different forms. These are especially useful for covering something that easily evaporates into the atmosphere. Mostly, rubber plugs are used for storing chemicals to keep them safe for a long time.

One of the prime reasons for the high use of rubber plugs is that these are easy to use and install. Depending on the need, there are different sizes of rubber plugs available in the market for different purposes. There are many different choices of rubber plugs that a person can make to meet a given need. Below we have mentioned the different types and uses of rubber plugs to help you know how useful rubber plugs are.

Types of Rubber Plugs and their Uses

Here are different types of rubber plugs that one can use for different purposes. We have mentioned in detail about different rubber plugs and their uses.

Plus Plugs

Plus plugs come with a 360-degree design and this makes it the easiest to install. Since these are very easy to use, this type of rubber plug has a wide number of applications. The use of this type is mostly made in the manufacturing and shipping industries. And these are reusable and it makes this type one of the most used rubber plugs.

T Plugs

The use of T plugs is made to close the tubing end and ports for ensuring protection. Their design makes them suitable to use for shipping and for storing something safely for a long time. They are used in different sizes and are cheap to use in different applications. Since they are produced in different sizes, they are suitable to use for different purposes.

Washer Plugs

The usage of washer plugs is slightly different from T plugs. Where T plugs are used for closing the holes, washer plugs are used for closing holes as well as covering their surrounding part. They can be used for different holes and they provide better protection in comparison to the above-mentioned rubber plugs. One more thing that makes them highly usable is their ability to tolerate high temperatures.

Electrical Connector Plugs

Electrical connector plugs are used for protecting electrical ports and connectors. They help to prevent moisture, dust, and dirt from entering electrical appliances. One can choose a suitable rubber plug out of the different shapes available in the market.

Custom Rubber Plugs

Sometimes, one just needs a particular size of a rubber plug and hence custom rubber plugs should be used. Custom rubber plugs are used for meeting certain needs and requirements.

Pull Plugs

Pull plugs come with a handle and it allows to push them deeper. They can tolerate high or low temperatures and are not affected due to the influence of chemicals. Hence, pull plugs are used in several applications in industries and laboratories.

So, these are some of the types of rubber plugs that are used for different purposes in industries and homes.

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