How to document Reasonable Suspicion Checklist?

How would you detect if a given employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work? Certainly, it is a challenging task to suspect someone of using drugs or alcohol. However, with the help of a reasonable suspicion checklist, one can easily determine whether a person has abused a drug or not. In this post, we have enlisted all the points which managers can take care of while testing any of their employees of being inflicted with any type of illicit substance. It is extremely important for the safety of a workforce to implement a reasonable suspicion training program at a company. Below we have mentioned the important points which a supervisor or manager needs to include while preparing a reasonable suspicion checklist. However, one must ponder over these points only when he receives complaints from other employees regarding the misbehavior of a suspected employee.


Behaviour is the first trait which gets affected in case a person has abused drugs or consumed alcohol. In this section, the walking style, activity level, mood, facial expressions, and eye movements need to be included. A person under the influence of drugs or alcohol finds it difficult to walk in a proper fashion, looks drowsy, lethargic, sleepy, anxious, hostile and depressed. One way of confirming the consumption of drugs or alcohol is by talking with him in a polite manner. If he responds in an inappropriate way then this behavior should be noted in a file before submitting it for further inquiry.


The second point which needs to be present on a reasonable suspicion checklist is the appearance of an employee. Dilation of the pupils,  flushed complexion, bloodshot eyes, and watery or teary eyes are some of the major points which a manager or supervisor needs to take into consideration while judging the appearance of a suspected employee. The popular employee training platform, provides an effective reasonable suspicion training program to help supervisors know about the consumption of drugs by employees at a workplace. A person under the influence of a drug will have an unfocussed or a black stare and unkempt appearance.


In case an employee is talking in a loud or boisterous manner then there are high chances that he is under the influence of a drug. Nonsensical, excessive talks and inappropriate speech are the other points which one can note down to place an employee in the circle of suspicion.

Before coming to a conclusion regarding taking actions against the suspected employee, it is important to wait for the final report of the investigation team. Only then, legal action should be initiated against that employee.

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