Increase Shelf Life with Flexible Snack Packaging

If your business produces and sells snacks and/or other perishable food items, you know the importance of maximizing shelf life. Your customers are hesitant to make large orders due to the risk of loss. Additionally, you are always at risk of the end consumer getting a stale or less fresh item. Flexible snack packaging may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Performance Packaging

Flexible snack packaging is made from metalized PET and foil as well as high-barrier and multi-layer sealant films. These materials aid in keeping oxygen and moisture out and ensuring the packaging is tightly closed to maintain freshness. Material quality and seal play major roles in the shelf life of your snacks. Innovative, flexible snack packaging delivers on both those fronts.

Multilayer films help to create a strong seal. They also provide useful thermal qualities. Beyond oxygen, heat is another major factor in shelf life. Keeping oxygen and heat out of the packaging is essential for ensuring maximum shelf life.

High-barrier and multi-layer packaging also keep contaminants out. Contaminants can reduce shelf life and also make consumers less satisfied.

Benefits for Manufacturers

Good packaging and longer shelf life for manufacturers mean that it is easier to build up an inventory without worrying about selling it immediately. This can allow more efficient production and faster fulfillment of large orders. These benefits are especially significant for smaller operations that may not have completely consistent order flows.

Flexible packaging also ships more easily. So, you can send out large batch orders with less space inefficiency due to awkward packaging.

Benefits for Retailers

Wholesalers, resellers and retailers benefit from better shelf life because they don’t need to worry about loss. With top-quality packaging such as pouches from ePac flexible packaging company, retailers can hold stock on their shelves longer. They can also make bigger purchases.

Benefits for Consumers

Better shelf life means that end consumers will eat fresher snacks more consistently. With resealable pouches, they can also maintain freshness longer even after opening the packaging. That means more satisfied end consumers, which is a good thing for everyone in the supply chain.

Other Features

Beyond maintaining shelf life better, flexible snack packaging can also offer valuable features such as digital printing on plastic pouches. This can offer bolder and higher-fidelity designs on packaging. Great-looking packaging means catching the eyes of more consumers. It is likely no surprise that this plays a major role in sales figures.

Unlike more traditional packaging, flexible snack packaging can also be produced more easily in smaller quantities. This allows for short runs and runs with multiple SKUs. So, if you want to experiment with your packaging, you can do that.

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Flexible snack packaging may be ideal for your snack business. It is a great way to increase shelf life, stand out on the shelf and offer a superior product to your end consumers. Better yet, you can get this type of packaging at competitive prices. So, don’t wait to invest in your snack brand’s success. Get started with flexible snack pouches and other packaging today.

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