The Benefits of a HyPower Dock Power Pedestal

Marinas are a home away from home for the customers visiting, in addition to a place to store their second largest investments. The seller needs to create the best package possible to convince potential boaters to choose them plus to sustain the current customers for the longest time possible.

The Brand

Why should a customer above all be willing to choose a certain seller over the other? There is a need to rise beyond what is expected with taking professionalism, safety and branding a notch above than what is being sold in the market. A dock power pedestal adds to the services offered in the marina and the appearance creates an atmosphere of quality that makes it more likely for the customers to select a specific destination. An ideal location fills slips and creates a demand for the owner to increase revenues with slip rentals and traffic for other services, such as ship stores and fuel dock sales. There is a certain power in first impressions of leaving a powerful, resounding mark.

Professionalism of paramount importance

The ability to easily get cords in and out, lighting, water, and other convenience options are all found in a marina power pedestal, which impacts the customer satisfaction greatly leading to long-term customers and more word-of-mouth advertising. The sense of professionalism marina power pedestals create is how the employees conduct themselves as it makes the overall operation run smoother.

Safety, a motto

A safe environment is critical for the peace of mind of customers. Safety is a shared responsibility thus Marina power pedestals are designed for the specific use of safely supplying power to customers’ boats. Shore power pedestals from manufacturers like HyPower are certified compliant to meet industry standards like UL. Additionally, their design allows for easy use and maintenance.


HyPower offers the highest quality and the most flexible power pedestal on the market, saving  time and money of their customers versus a traditional marine or RV power pedestal. Marina power and light pedestals make life of the owner easier and the business more profitable in the long-term. All this while they are improving the overall customer experience and workplace environment. This can be concluded as the real return on investment that one can feel every day when a marina is owned and operated. Simply put, marina power and light pedestals make your life as an owner easier and business more profitable in the long-term, while improving the customer experience and workplace environment. This is a real return on investment that you can feel every day you own and operate your marina.

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