This Is How You Can Get Your Address Changed To Keep Receiving Your Mails

If you are moving out or planning to rent a post office box then this is how you will need to change your address so that you can receive your mail or reserve a box at the local post office stress free.

When you want to change the address for the mail to reach the new location choose out of two options,

  1. Visit the site to change your address online.

  2. Go to the local post office and request them to give you the Movers Guide Packet

Option 1

The fastest and easiest out of both is to log on to the site and send an email to the authorities to make the address change. The charge is $1.05 charge to change the address online. A credit or debit card and a valid email address is all you require to do so. The fees have been levied so that one is prevented from fraud. It is called the identity verification so that the authorities can make sure the right person is making the address change. Use the official site and stay away from the scammers as they may charge you $40 for the same work.

Option 2

Reach the post office in person (You can search forĀ us post office near me to check the nearest post office from your location) and ask for the movers guide packet where you will find the PS Form 3575. This form needs to be filled and submitted. You will need to fill the current and the address to be changed. Then submit the form to the postal worker working behind the counter. You might receive acknowledgement from them. You can also choose to drop the form in the mail slot that is available inside the post office. A confirmation letter will reach your new address within 5 working days from the day the form is submitted. You can choose to ask the post office to change your address temporarily too.

Points To Remember

All post offices do not offer the address change forms and facility. You will need to check whether the post office near to you offers it. If it is available at your local post office then there are chances they hold the mail for a short period in case of a vacation.

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