What are Gooroo Courses and How are they Making Education Accessible for All

In the new world of online courses where children forcefully attend their lectures, Gooroo is a platform that makes them want to watch personalized educational videos.

Schools and universities across the United States faced an unexpected shutdown to curb the onset of Covid-19. The pandemic wrecked the already weak educational system by exposing their vulnerabilities. This left the students at a loss because of poor educational infrastructure and financial vulnerabilities. Gooroo is one of the popular online learning platforms which took the frontline for educating deserving children without demanding any subscription fees.

For every purchased membership of the e-learning platform, one child from a poor financial background gets complete access to more than 1000 courses with hundreds of resources for uninterrupted learning. These courses are specifically personalized to fit the learning requirements of every child and adult. After the completion of some chapters, the instructors conduct assessments to check the understanding level of the child. No matter how big or small the improvement in the result is, celebrations are in line for every learner on the platform.

What are the Gooroo Courses?

Gooroo is a subscription-based online education platform that is the official vendor and partner of the New York and Texas Department of Education. With every membership, a special learning consultant helps the child in planning a personalized study routine for achieving the desired goals.

Every week, the platform adds resources and lessons to hundreds of courses available on the platform. Students can access online videos for every chapter at any time of the day on-demand. Once the chapters are taught and learned, assessments are conducted at regular intervals for providing frequent feedback for students and parents. On the Dashboard, members get to see their customized report and progress since the day they started learning on the platform.

Gooroo starts your online learning journey with these steps:

  • Enter the required details
  • Wait to find the perfect online tutor match
  • Schedule a session with a teacher
  • Submit assessments and receive feedback

How are they Changing the Dynamics of Online Education?

After every session, you will realize that the platform offers these special benefits for their learners:

  • Free education for deserving students that come from a poor financial background
  • Personalized learning experience
  • On-demand learning through online videos
  • Skill enhancement

For choosing your favorite course from the catalog, visit the official ‘Courses’ webpage of Gooroo from this link.

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