How to Differentiate Between Friendship and Love

It is normal to love your friends. But can you be sure that your feelings are not romantic love? Sometimes it is difficult to understand the difference between platonic friendship and romantic love. If in doubt, take the time and analyze your relationship. Think about specific examples, remember the times when you experienced love. You can also prioritize. What are you looking for in a partner? Do you want to go to the next level in a relationship? There are ways to figure this out without risking friendship!

So before you start searching for the best anniversary gifts for her, you have to figure out what type of relationship you have.

Rate the intensity of your feelings.

Take the time to think about how strong your emotions are. Many emotions can be experienced in friendship and love, but when you are in love, these feelings can be very strong! In general, the more emotionally you relate to a person, the higher the likelihood that you have romantic feelings for them.

Pay attention to physical reactions.

Your body will help you understand your feelings. When you are near your loved one, the heart may begin to pound harder, you can even feel the butterflies in your stomach. You might even get a little worried. It is unlikely that you will begin to giggle nervously if you just cuddle with a friend.

When you meet a friend, you may be a little worried. But, most likely, you will not feel any strong changes in the physical plane if you see or hug a friend.

If you are close to your loved one, you are unlikely to be able to control the reactions of your body. Your palms may sweat, your voice may break, and your heart will pound faster.

Compare this relationship with everyone else.

Think about whether there are differences between these relationships and those with your other friends. Most likely you have many friends, but only one person is your possible love partner. Relations with this person will be more valuable to you than with other people. Besides, you can feel a special connection with this person.

Perhaps you cannot think of a day when you did not communicate with them. Most likely, you communicate with other friends once a week or two. But with the person you love, this period may seem like an eternity.

Decide if you want a romantic relationship.

You can determine the difference between love and friendship, remembering how much attention you pay to this person. If you love someone, most likely you will often think about them and constantly want to communicate with them. It is unlikely that you will think so much about each other; moreover, you will not have such a desire to talk to them.

Perhaps you will remember a friend when someone (or something) reminds you of them. For example, if you hear a song or story that reminds you of something about them.

If you love a person, most likely you will think about them for days on end regardless of whether or not something reminds you of them. Perhaps you will even dream of this person.

Think about how much attention you want from this person.

Are you satisfied with how they treat you? If they just high-five you when you meet each other, you might want something more. Maybe you want them to text you more often? If you don’t hear anything about a friend all day, you will not be so upset as if you hadn’t received news from your loved one.

If you constantly wait for a friend to write or call you, if you have butterflies in your stomach when their name appears on the display of your phone, these are signs that you want a relationship with them.

Try to understand your feelings.

Trying to figure out your own feelings and emotions is a complicated matter, and it requires introspection. To understand what you feel for a person (friendship or love), be honest with yourself, understanding what emotions this person provokes in you.

Make a list to track your feelings throughout the week. Record how you feel when talking with this person, what and how often you think about them. For example, you can write that you were worried when this person called you by name (or when you just chatted).

Talk to a friend or family member.

It is difficult to objectively evaluate your life. Try talking to someone you trust, such as a close friend or brother. This person will help to objectively evaluate how this person relates to you. Ask your brother/friend how they think there can be a romantic relationship between you and this person.

For example, a friend may notice that the person you love often looks at you when you don’t see it. Also, they may notice that this person talks a lot about you when you are not around. This is another sign that they think you are not just friends.

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