7 Reasons Why Canada is a Popular Country for Immigration

Canada is one of the top countries in the world which witnesses large number of immigrations every year from different parts of the globe. There are many reasons why Canada is a popular destination for the same. Many might wonder why Canada’s popularity doesn’t seem to slow down even after these many years since the process of immigration first started off in the country.

The main reason behind this is the population density of Canada, i.e. the amount of population per square mile, which is approximately 3.92 per km2. This less amount of population density is the reason why Canada is currently at the 228th position in the list of countries with high population density. But this is not the only reason that attracts immigrants towards Canada, and some of these top reasons are as follows:

  1. Better Immigration System

The immigration rules and policies in Canada are much more favourable to immigrants than its neighbouring countries like the United States, which have imposed even more strict immigration policies. Also, there are many more advantages that the immigration process in Canada has to offer, such as PR immigration, dedicated PGP program, etc. There are also many other benefits such as the shorter amount of time required for the issue of family visas, the express entry system, etc.

  1. Lower Crime Rates

Even though in every country that you may visit, there are streets and places which people avoid visiting due to criminal activities, the overall crime rate in Canada is much lower compared to other countries. A good amount of decline has been seen in the amount of police-reported crimes in Canada. For example, according to online sources, the police-reported crime rate of Canada in the year 2013 was at its lowest since 1969, and it has been constantly declining ever since.

  1. Better Lifestyle

Canada offers a modern and comfortable lifestyle, and has several locations such as Toronto and Vancouver, which are known for their metropolitan lifestyle and diverse culture. Also, there are many natural attractions and camping destinations where people can go and relax. But beware, if you are planning to go for a wild camping; you can’t afford to make mistakes – not on campgrounds at-least.

Apart from that, the main languages spoken in Canada are English and French, and if you want a taste of the French life while you are in Canada, the best place to visit is Montreal, which is the second most populous city in this country. You can go around the outskirts of Quebec City running around, or even go visit the famous Niagara Falls in Ontario.

  1. Job Opportunities

Canada is well-known for the large amount of job opportunities that are offered in different areas. Being the 10th largest economy in the world, Canada provides different types of benefits for those who are looking to work or set up their businesses in the country. Also, the government has made the minimum wage to be $10 per hour, which is much higher than the minimum wages provided in other countries.

  1. Healthcare System

There are many countries which provide many of the above benefits, but when it comes to providing the right healthcare coverage to its residents, many of the countries are still behind. Canada has a national health insurance system that ensures that all of its residents are provided with adequate medical care, door-to-door pickup and drop services for the disabled, and much more.

  1. Quality Education

Another aspect that attracts good number of immigrants to settle and start a life in Canada is its education system. Every resident is provided the facility of availing free education for the early stages of education. This is a huge benefit because there are many countries which either will be providing free education in degrading environments or a much costlier private education. Canada also provides better access to advanced education and higher studies for its residents and students from all around the world.

  1. Low Corruption Rate

Even though there often are regular reports talking about corruption in the high levels of government of every country, Canada has much lower rates of corruption in the lower levels of government. In simpler terms, like in the case of most western countries, all you have to do is submit the required documents in an office and wait for a particular amount of time for getting the required approval from the government or the officials, instead of paying bribe at every desk that you visit.

So, there are many different reasons that motivates immigrants from all around the world to build their dreams in Canada, including reasons like beginning a new life, availing and enjoying quality services for every age group, government policies, and much more.

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