4 Social Media Myths You Need to Bust

Here are 4 social media myths that you need to bust.

Social Media is Not a Serious Thing

Many so-called serious marketers look at social media as a casual platform for youngsters and less popular brands. Little do they realize that countless brands are making a killing on the social space? Even the B2B businesses have hopped on to the social bandwagon. Social has become a way of life for many online marketers. It has metamorphosed into a powerful and indispensable channel for lead generation and customer service. So it’s less wonder that more and more businesses are investing more and more in this evergreen medium. Last but not least, it’s created a brand new crop of professionals who swear by social and make a living with it.

Social ROI can’t be measured

This is a prevalent misconception. Many uninitiated marketers maintain that social is just not their cup of tea, thanks to its lack of measurability. But the reality is different. Return on investment from social is expressly measurable. But it depends on how you go about doing things. If you are certain about why something needs to be shared or measured, there are no two ways about it.  All you need to do is focus on tracking social URLs and conversions with a social media tool of your choice. If your objective is visibility, you would look at metrics like shares, retweets, and comment. But if your focus is on sheer conversions, then you certainly need to set up a conversion tracking mechanism. What’s more, competitive benchmarking is something that cannot be overlooked since it gives a sense of direction.

Too Much Sharing is Not Too Good

Social is all about sharing. Successful social media marketers are the ones who share frequently, thoughtfully and honestly. Though too much is not too good, anything that is useful to followers will be certainly well received. The challenge is knowing why, what, how and when to share. If social media activity has a definite purpose, the anticipated results should follow eventually. Another important aspect that deserves special mention is the knowledge of the channels used to share the content. For instance, you are using Instagram, don’t share a lot of posts in a single day. But you must share 2 to 3 post per day and buy real Instagram followers to get more eyes on your content.

Negative Comments Should be ignored

Surprisingly, disgruntled and skeptical customers aren’t as serious as what they appear to be. All it takes is a simple ‘sorry’ to pacify them! It’s just that they want to vent their anger at the brand that failed to meet their expectations. It doesn’t always mean that the brand in question is inferior. Social media managers who ignore negative comments are shooing away customers who have been acquired after spending loads of money and lots of effort. Research has shown that several dissatisfied customers have returned after their issues have been resolved satisfactorily and quickly via social media. Some of them become even more loyal to the brand.  Social is certainly a great new way to connect with customers. Experiences and examples have shown that customer complaints are opportunities to deepen engagements.

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